Wonder of Creation – Five Minute Friday

Wonder of Creation

I thought last week was the last day for this year of 5 min. Friday, but since there is one more day left in November, today was actually the last day.  I will be back with more poetry in 5 minutes in January!   The rules for these 5 min. Fridays are that you write on the word given for the day for 5 min. flat, with no over thinking or back tracking.   I believe this exercise allows your spirit to “speak” , because well- you just let whatever wants to come out, out!  So here we go- Today’s word is WONDER:   Go I look at all of creation with gratitude and wonder- The way the skies are so blue in the day, with traces of cloud, and brightness of … Continue Reading

“Soul-full Seasons” -Series on Change Pt. 3 (Five Min. Friday)


Today’s 5 min. Friday goes with my current Series on “Change” that I am doing for Fall (I think you will really like it).  If you are a newer visitor to my blog and want to read more from that series , please click HERE to read “Change-Embrace, Resist or Avoid?, and HERE to read Part 2 called “A Little Faith Goes a Long Way”.   So for today’s 5 minutes , the word we had to write on was “Stay”.  The rules are that we must let it freely flow out without over thinking or back tracking, and then we visit the person who wrote before us and leave them a comment :)  Go Soul-Full Seasons My soul was born in the Spring- With the tiny buds emerging from the … Continue Reading

Quiet that illuminates-Inspirational 5 Minute Friday

Illumination-by Rebekah

It’s 5 Minute Friday!  The rules are that you have to write something that comes to mind with the word prompt given for 5 minutes straight without over thinking and back tracking.  The other really important rule is that us bloggers visit other writers to read what they wrote and leave a comment-especially the one that posted right before us.   It’s what community is all about!  This week the timer ran out before the last 4 little lines were written.  So I went just a teensy bit over to complete the poem so that it wasn’t unfinished.  I figured you all would let it slide this time   Today’s word was “Quiet”: Quiet In the stillness of the night I sit here writing. The house is quiet. The room … Continue Reading

5 Minute Friday Funny-Growing Roots (aka Butt Plant Syndrome)

You Probably Don't Recgnize Me Without My Cape

TGIF!!  Yes, Thank Goodness it’s Friday! (Five Minute Friday that is).  Who is ready for a laugh today ( I did a comedic twist for today’s post).  The rules are you are supposed to write whatever comes to mind with the special word of the day.  No over thinking, or over editing.  Just pure writing flowing out however it wants to.  The other super important rule is that you can’t be all about yourself here…you are supposed to visit the person who wrote before you and leave a comment.  After all, that is what community is all about! Today’s secret word was “Roots”  (for other 80′s children out there…does the word of the day ever make you think of the show Pee-Wee’s play house? Or maybe it’s just me…. ) … Continue Reading

One Voice Can Change the World- Five Min. Friday

Another 5 minute Friday is here.  Today’s word was Voice.  So here is what I wrote on that topic: Go Voice It’s amazing what one voice can do. One voice stood up one day and said, “No I won’t sit at the back of the bus.” Her voice changed the world that day. One voice stood up and said, “I have a dream…” Which filled the people with hope. His voice made such a difference that in America we have a national holiday to honor him. One voice said things like “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts.” That voice shaped the world of English Literature. One voice … Continue Reading

Five Minute Friday Poetry “Look” (We are a Masterpiece)

An oil painting I did a few years ago.

It’s time for another 5 min. Friday!  Mine this week is written poetry style again.  The words flowed out easily this week with the word “Look”(as opposed to last week’s fiasco with the word “race”).  If you would like to freely write for 5 minutes , not worrying about the outcome, please join me by either leaving your 5 min. Friday in the comments section at the website, or by posting to the We Live Inspired facebook page HERE (if you are not a blogger).  If you ARE a blogger, why not join in with LisaJo’s (The Gypsy Mama’s) FMF community and link up with us HERE today?   Go Look Look at me- Here I am. My authentic self in all its glory. The good parts, The bad parts. … Continue Reading

(Funny) Five Minute Friday – Race

Inspirational Dr. Seuss Quote

Who needs a good chuckle at my expense this week?  Look no further!  This week’s 5 min. Friday started with a major blonde moment on my part, and since there is this rule that you can’t over think this, you can’t backtrack, and you just have to write what comes to mind for 5 minutes flat, I left it just as it happened-blonde moment and all :)  Maybe I shouldn’t get so excited about 5 min. Fridays that I stay up past midnight to write these!  Surely this is to blame…   My friend Becky and I did this project together while we were Skype chatting tonight, and since she is not a blogger, she will be leaving her 5 min. Friday in the comments section below (at the website-for … Continue Reading

Five Minute Friday (poem)- Welcome

a picture I took of a cozy corner of my room

It’s time for another 5 min. Friday (my second one).  What is this you ask?  Well us writers are given 1 word (and we are not given the word ahead of time, I assume so that we can’t ponder it all week) and then we are supposed to set a timer for 5 min. and just write whatever we can think of with that word.  No backtracking, no over analyzing, no worrying about mistakes.  It’s interesting that is for sure! I had a hard time with today’s word “Welcome” and must confess I sat there blank for a bit at first.  Here is my poem about Welcome:   Go   Welcome A picture of Grace with arms wide open not restricting , not folded down Hands reaching out to another- … Continue Reading

Inspirational Five Minute Friday: Grasp

Michigan-The Great Lakes State

Today’s blog post is something new I tried this week.  It’s a 5 min. writing exercise prompted by Lisa-Jo, a community leader at the InCourage (part of Dayspring) network for women.  I was a bit chicken to do it, but anyways…here goes. If you are a blogger and want to participate in 5 min. Fridays, there is a new word prompt each week , and you can click through the link at the bottom of this to check it out. Rules: 1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. 2. Link back here and invite others to join in. 3. And then absolutely, no ifs, ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them … Continue Reading

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