“Soul-full Seasons” -Series on Change Pt. 3 (Five Min. Friday)

Today’s 5 min. Friday goes with my current Series on “Change” that I am doing for Fall (I think you will really like it).  If you are a newer visitor to my blog and want to read more from that series , please click HERE to read “Change-Embrace, Resist or Avoid?, and HERE to read Part 2 called “A Little Faith Goes a Long Way”.   So for today’s 5 minutes , the word we had to write on was “Stay”.  The rules are that we must let it freely flow out without over thinking or back tracking, and then we visit the person who wrote before us and leave them a comment 🙂 


Soul-Full Seasons

My soul was born in the Spring-

With the tiny buds emerging from the trees

and the flowers pushing up through the hard soil,

to point their faces towards the sun.

I grew and flourished right along with Her…

O’ How I love Spring’s lacy, delicate ways

So new. So fresh. Such delicate shades of green

The smell of Earth, and Rain , and the first fragrant flowers.

But Spring must mature and give way to Summer.

Summer in all Her glorious bounty-

Full-on green now, with Life in full bloom.

The garden lush and full of flowers,

and fresh vegetables and herbs.

The trees no longer naked or daintily dressed.

The sun much brighter, warmer, lasting longer…

These are the days my Soul found wings.

The long nights,

that Free Bird feeling.

Yes, I loved Summer.

Summer could not stay forever though.

Things must change-Nothing stays.

So She faded away slowly into a season so lush and rich

That we call Her Autumn.

She ,with Her smoldering, fiery red & orange glow-

Sassy and vibrant with contradictory coolness and warmth

Her life a rich tapestry of textures-

Tweeds and velvets,

Corduroys and suedes.

She is quite the sophisticated lady.

More mature, but full of life and so much wiser…

Yes, Autumn makes quite the dashing entrance-

in all Her splendid color-

But She also knows how to let go.

She doesn’t linger-she bends with the changing days,

Allowing her leaves to change and fall away

Stripping her bare

Her fiery hair blowing in the wind.

She lets go with Grace

As her colors fade and the days get shorter .

These are the days that my Soul found Courage and Wisdom and Truth.

Of course Autumn could not stay either and she gave way to

Stop (this is where my 5 min. ran out, but I was in the “zone” and the words kept flowing, so I wanted to finish my poem to completion.  Keep reading for the ending!)


The season of soft and quiet magic.

Her formerly stripped trees now robed in white

Wearing icicle jewelry and glistening with diamonds,

She sparkles and shines in both Sunlight and Twilight

Like a glittering goddess.

Her irony is that She brings such warmth with her

When the days are cold.

Teaching people to love and to give

and to hold your loved ones near-

Cherishing all of these

Magical Moments.

And in this season of Winter-

With Her choirs of angels singing

and Her softly lit windows,

The Glowing candles and Glowing Spirits

And Her quiet calm,

On those soft and still

Snowy nights…

My Soul found Peace

And Love

And Hope

And Light.

But of course Winter couldn’t stay forever either.

And so the circle begins again,

As everything is reborn.


 ©Rebekah Ann Stephenson 2012 @We Live Inspired!



When I heard the word for today was “Stay”, I was inspired by a poem one of my favorite poet’s wrote called “Nothing Gold Can Stay” {Robert Frost}.  That sort of led me on the path to creating today’s poem 🙂 


shared @ Lisa Jo’s Five Min. Fridays

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