God’s Doing Something New With Me-Poetry in Five

It’s Friday , which means it is time for my Poetry in Five Series!  This is where I link up with my favorite writing prompt community to write for five minutes on the word of the week.  I have a goal of writing more poetry (as it is one of my main loves when it comes to words), so I give myself the extra challenge of writing a poem (and a rhyming one if possible).  Today’s word is NEW.  These words were inspired by a conversation I had with a lady who is going through a very hard time right now.  Having each gone through some very trying times in life, we talked about new beginnings and the miracles that have been present every step along the way!   Today’s … Continue Reading

Poetry in Five-On Seemingly Dormant Periods of Life and Emerging!

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  ~Anais Nin     It’s time for some poetry in Five!  I am posting this a little late because I was celebrating my birthday this weekend :D.  This weeks word was CHOOSE.   Today’s Inspiration comes from periods of dormancy in one’s life…   Are you in a spot in your life today where you are feeling like you don’t know what your purpose in life is?  Have you ever felt lost, confused, hopeless, alone or just plain old stuck in mediocrity?  Maybe you are even in a mess that you can’t see your way out of at present.   If you can relate to this, I … Continue Reading

Five Minute Fridays- On Savoring the Present Moment and Learning to Let Go

Arms Wide Open

  It’s Friday and you know what that means!  It’s time for me to craft something inspirational for you in 5 minutes based on whatever random word Lisa Jo gives us.  The point is to write straight through without over thinking, which can make for some pretty interesting stuff (and also grammatical errors)!  Today’s word is LAST.     Go   From the time that I was small, I have always tried to savor special moments- As if going it slow would somehow freeze time and I could live in my current state of bliss forever. From unwrapping Christmas gifts as a child very slowly- Tearing off the paper bit by bit in little strips, To eating my pie one layer at a time-  taking off the top crust and … Continue Reading

Be the Change-Creating New Things in Your Life (Series on Change Pt. 5)

I meant to pick up my series on Change again in January (for the new year and all), but things happen, and such is life.  However, you don’t need a new year to dive in to anything- There is no time like the present!  So picking up where we last left off.  If you are new to “We Live Inspired!”, and want to catch up on an inspirational series I am doing on change and how to deal with it, you can click on the archives HERE to be taken directly to all of the previous posts.   Last time I shared that one of my favorite quotes that I try to live by is “Be the Change You wish to see in the world”.  I also mentioned how my … Continue Reading

“Be the Change” ~Series on Change Pt. 4

It’s been awhile since I was able to write, partly due to internet not working.  Thankfully that got fixed and I am back (in case you were wondering why I haven’t had as much content lately) to bring you some more inspiration, picking up where I left off on this series of “Change” I have been doing for Fall.  Because I keep thinking of more material (plus a giveaway), this series will continue right through the new year! If you have missed the first 3 parts of the series, Just click HERE to go directly to the archives on this topic at my website.  I have made a new category called “Series on Change” where you can find all of these articles in one place (Under the “Inspiration Station” tab … Continue Reading

“Soul-full Seasons” -Series on Change Pt. 3 (Five Min. Friday)

Today’s 5 min. Friday goes with my current Series on “Change” that I am doing for Fall (I think you will really like it).  If you are a newer visitor to my blog and want to read more from that series , please click HERE to read “Change-Embrace, Resist or Avoid?, and HERE to read Part 2 called “A Little Faith Goes a Long Way”.   So for today’s 5 minutes , the word we had to write on was “Stay”.  The rules are that we must let it freely flow out without over thinking or back tracking, and then we visit the person who wrote before us and leave them a comment 🙂  Go Soul-Full Seasons My soul was born in the Spring- With the tiny buds emerging from the … Continue Reading

A Little Faith Goes a Long Way: Series on “Change” Pt. 2

I am doing a little series on “Change” for Fall here at “We Live Inspired!” this month.  If you missed Part 1 (Change-Embrace, Resist, or Avoid?) click HERE to catch up!  I ended the first article on change mentioning how moving forward we would explore how to embrace it, since it’s inevitable.  I am learning right along with you here, so while searching my soul for answers on this, what came to me was that the road to change starts with 2 things:   Acceptance.   Since change IS inevitable, somehow we must learn to make peace with it.  Sometimes I can be very stubborn in this area-clinging to what I know, instead of allowing the natural flow and rhythm of life to wash over me.  With acceptance comes the necessary … Continue Reading

Change- Embrace, Resist or Avoid? (Series on Change Pt. 1

  Change- Have you ever heard the saying, “the only thing that never changes is that things always change”?  Very true indeed.  There seem to be only 2 constants in life- God and change.  I must confess I am not very unlike my little furry friends, in that while I am a free spirited type of person, I am also a creature of habit.  Sort of a contradictory combo I guess.  With Summer turning to Autumn, and so many changes in my life the past year (some good,some highly difficult)-not to mention feeling on the verge of even more big life changes,  I am caught between 2 places- excitement and upset apple-cart-ness.     There are some changes I just love and embrace.  For instance- I love trying new foods, … Continue Reading

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