Five Minute Fridays- On Savoring the Present Moment and Learning to Let Go


It’s Friday and you know what that means!  It’s time for me to craft something inspirational for you in 5 minutes based on whatever random word Lisa Jo gives us.  The point is to write straight through without over thinking, which can make for some pretty interesting stuff (and also grammatical errors)!  Today’s word is LAST.


Five Minute Friday




From the time that I was small, I have always tried to savor special moments-

As if going it slow would somehow freeze time and I could live in my current state of bliss forever.

From unwrapping Christmas gifts as a child very slowly- Tearing off the paper bit by bit in little strips,

To eating my pie one layer at a time-  taking off the top crust and setting it aside, then eating the middle slowly (the filling), the bottom crust, the edge crust, and then lastly-the top crust.  The top crust was always my favorite.

When we would go on camping trips when I was little, I would lay back and drink it all in, pronouncing, “THIS is the life.”

I have said that about many things-

Days at the beach,

Time spent with friends,

at a restaurant enjoying new foods or delectable desserts,

on the lazy river ride,

or in the arms of someone I love.

When savoring a good book , celebrating a birthday, watching my baby kittens grow, or basking in the blessings of the wonderful new home God provided us.

Life Fully Present-

EnJOYing these fleeting states of sheer joy and hanging on to them as long as I could so as to somehow make them last. Forever.

But as the great poet Frost once said, “Nothing gold can stay.”

Like how we linger during Indian summers, hoping and praying the sunshine will hang on just a little bit longer…because we aren’t ready to let it go yet.

But things must be let go.

Sometimes, Many times, we must let go before we are ready.

This has happened to me many a time in life and I know you can relate.

In fact, this has happened to me again just yesterday.

Things on this earth are not made to be eternal.

As hard of a truth as this is, they are not made to last.

But to everything there is a season.

With each new season comes a new found joy,

and the potential for exciting new experiences if we seek them out and stand arms wide open to receive them.

Sometimes new is hard (as it is in our nature to cling to the familiar),

but life is an ever turning wheel that keeps on moving,

and so we must move with it.

May we savor each moment Anyway, and live Fully Present-,

because therein lies the richness of life.

While no-thing can last forever,

God wants us to enjoy all that we have in the here and now-

until we reach our forever home.




Arms Wide Open



What a tough balance it can be to savor each present moment , living and loving as if there is no tomorrow, but yet also learning to be flexible and let go when it is time.  Each stage of life is unique and wonderful in its own way, and often the letting go simply makes room for the next wonderful thing God has in store.  





What are some of the moments you have savored in your life?

What are some things you have had to let go of and what happened next?

Are you ready and willing to embrace the next new season?


 ~Embracing new seasons with you!,


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3 Responses to Five Minute Fridays- On Savoring the Present Moment and Learning to Let Go

  1. Tamara says:

    Over here from FMF. Loved your post.
    Great thoughts on last and savouring the moments of life and on letting go of things.

  2. Joy Lenton says:

    A rich treasure trove of memories and experiences laced with nostalgia, wisdom and insight. Lovely work in 5 minutes, Rebekah! I can see the child and adult in you here, as well as the soothsayer and seer. My thoughts also strayed away from the temporary to the eternal. God’s at work here as He reminds us of all the changes to come that will be far better than anything we’ve experienced so far. Much to look forward to! Blessings, my friend. 🙂 xx

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      Thank you Joy. I always love hearing your awesome feedback. The day I wrote this , I had had an unexpected loss. I think that is why my mind also shifted to the needing to let go when we aren’t ready, and then of things eternal. Blessings right back at ya! <3