On Releasing Old Stories and Emotions

This weeks Five Minute Friday word is RELEASE.  I make it my personal goal to bring you poetry in five each week, but today’s word just has me wanting to write it all out.  I want to talk about releasing old stories and emotions.  The topic of release is something I have been talking quite a lot about with a few dear, close friends.  So many of my friends and I are releasing things lately.  Releasing pain, releasing people who have disappointed us, releasing past patterns that run deep, releasing expectations even.  I am fortunate to have met such a wonderful group of people who have bright spirits and want to be transformers!



We speak of transformation quite a lot these days, and even in the mentoring I am privately offering, I have been helping others do what I call “release ceremonies”.  In fact I have a new one I want to do myself here soon.  I suppose I got the idea for these release ceremonies from my naturopath’s daughter , who also happens to be a minister.  She has such a loving spirit.  During a time where I was in a rut a few years ago, she had me do a releasing ceremony that was based around forgiveness.  While I was living inspired still during that time, I had a lot of hurts buried underneath my bubbly exterior.  Rejection.  Loss.  Pain.  A lot of this had to do with judgement, rude comments made to me, and some residual affects of bullying and harassment from people I had thought were close friends.


Even though it had been years since I had obscenities shouted in my face and been called names of all sorts, etc. , sometimes those things still haunted me deep inside.  So my minister friend had me write a list of all of the people’s names from the past that had wronged me, hurt me, betrayed me , etc.  We went through that list one by one and prayed.  We acknowledged the pain they caused.  I shared the emotions I felt.  And then we prayed for each person.  We blessed them.  We forgave them.  During these prayers, we basically said “I release you”.  It was very powerful.  I cried a river of tears.  She so graciously supported me through this process with a love that only comes from the Spirit.


And you know what?  It worked.  I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders and for the next several days after I felt completely unburdened by those hurts.  Even when the thought of those things that people have said or done in the past pop up now, it doesn’t bother me in the same way it used to.  I have released it.



You know, it’s easy to walk around with old stories strapped to our backs forever.  Releasing isn’t easy.  Especially like in my case, where I never had closure with several of the situations and I never got to tell these people how they made me feel.  Why do we keep telling the same stories?  Why do we walk around with this stuff burdening us?  Is it partly because we feel these people don’t DESERVE to be released because of the pain they have caused?  Maybe if we hang on to it, we are in some way punishing them?  Maybe we just need to keep feeling like a victim and feeling sorry for ourselves.   We are really punishing no one but ourselves.  Forgiveness and release are hard.  Trust me, I know.



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You can do release ceremonies in so many ways.  On my birthday last year I did a release ceremony by building a snowman (Click HERE  if you would like to see photos of my magical snow lady and read about what I did).  It was really quite magical and ended with me telling my prayers for what I wanted to attract for my new birth year under the moon on a starlit, snowy night.  The very next DAY, I awoke to an email that was for my first paid freelance article!  A way unexpected dream come true.


When we release the old and replace it with NEW stories of what we want to create and attract more of NOW, it is a powerful thing.  I believe that small shift in energy is what allows us to manifest more miracles in life.  I believe in the power of intention and I believe that God answers prayer.


There are a couple of “old stories” I recently realized need releasing.  In fact, a shift has already been happening and I have already been attracting more of what I want in these areas in life.  However, I have noticed part of me is still stuck on the old story.  I am ready to lay it all down to continue on manifesting more of what God has in store for me now and in the future.  I am writing it new today.  Will you join me?


Are there things holding you back that you need to release today?  Are there any areas of pain in your life where there is a part of you still playing the victim (hey- it happens to all of us, so don’t be hard on yourself if the answer is yes)?  I invite you to have your own release ceremony.  Write down what you need to release and burn it ceremoniously in a camp fire declaring out loud “I release you!”.  Do it in prayer alone or with a loved one!  Oh there are so many ways to go about these things…..


THEN, declare what your new story is NOW.  Example- if your old story is betrayal, abandonment , or bad relationships you could state  ” I attract great things and great people.  I am so grateful for the abundance of reliable, loving, caring, & amazing people in my life!”.  You can do this thing for any area in your life.  The more you focus on your NEW story and repeat your affirmations, the easier it gets and the more you will notice those little everyday miracles.



 I’d love to hear what you have been struggling to release if you feel like sharing!  Also, leave a comment with what your NEW story is going to be! 😀


Thank you for joining me on this journey as together “We Live Inspired”, 



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3 Responses to On Releasing Old Stories and Emotions

  1. CaraC says:

    Beautiful! Release ceremonies! i shall need to do it soon! 🙂

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      I am glad you liked this Cara. Stop by and let me know how the release ceremony went sometime ;).

  2. Emma French says:

    Hi darling Bekah!
    That is so timely because next week a healer and close friend of mine is hosting a ritual for her women friends so we can all shed things that no longer serve us, and allow in more of what we want – yay!