Your Best is Always Good Enough, Even When it Feels Like it Isn’t

Feeling “good enough” and doing my best. This is a topic I have thought about (and sometimes struggled with ) a lot in my first year of marriage. I know I am not the only new wife, or old wife, or woman or person period who has ever felt this way.¬† Yet sometimes I do feel alone in this and compare myself to others and feel I sometimes fall short. Other days I feel pretty much like a rock star for what I accomplish ūüôā . I am a bit of a late bloomer and so I have had to be gentle on myself my first year of marriage, which at times is easy and at times is not.¬† The times it is not it is because I am worrying ‚Ķ Continue Reading

On Releasing Old Stories and Emotions

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This weeks Five Minute Friday word is RELEASE. ¬†I make it my personal goal to bring you poetry in five each week, but today’s word just has me wanting to write it all out. ¬†I want to talk about releasing old stories and emotions. ¬†The topic of release is something I have been talking quite a lot about with a few dear, close friends. ¬†So many of my friends and I are releasing things lately. ¬†Releasing pain, releasing people who have disappointed us, releasing past patterns that run deep, releasing expectations even. ¬†I am fortunate to have met such a wonderful group of people who have bright spirits and want to be transformers!     We speak of transformation quite a lot these days, and even in the mentoring I ‚Ķ Continue Reading

Just As I Am- An Inspirational Devotional

There is a friend I find so faithful One who never leaves my side, One who knows of all my secrets- One from whom I cannot hide. One who doesn’t need perfection One who takes me as I am, Rejoicing over me with singing- He who is my biggest fan!   He who transforms tears and heartache Using them for greater good, He who is my Source of comfort- Calming me where none else could.   There is a friend I find so faithful One who never leaves my side- One who loves me like no other He is my compass and my guide. One who doesn’t need perfection One who takes my messes too, And welcomes me with arms wide open, Transforming old to make me New.   ¬© ‚Ķ Continue Reading

Introducing Warm Words of Wisdom (from my heart to yours)

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Today I am bringing you something new! ¬†If you aren’t yet part of the We Live Inspired Facebook community, you haven’t seen a new feature I started recently called “Warm Words of Wisdom (from my¬†‚ô• to yours)”¬†¬©. ¬†It’s where I share wisdom that I have either learned from my own experiences or that is inspired at that moment by the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart. ¬†Ironically, an author I really enjoy (Holley Gerth) has started something called “Coffee for your Heart Wednesday” in which we bloggers are to write an encouraging post for our readers. ¬†Since encouragement is what I do here anyway, and I just happened to start that new feature on Facebook-I thought this was perfect! ¬†I hope you will enjoy this new feature :D. The words ‚Ķ Continue Reading

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