Cat Nap Time-Adorable Photos of My Kitties Sleeping

Need a break from your day?  One of the cozy little things that relaxes me is watching my cats nap.   I am sharing several photos of cozy little cat nap scenes from around my home today.  Fluffy (the smaller, fluffier one of the two) and Mickey (Fluffy’s baby, who is larger than her tiny Mama!) are our two cats pictured below.   I rescued Fluffy just 2 years ago when she was a pregnant feral kitty who had just gone in to labor.  She and her (big) child are a very tight knit family and they sleep together every night, nap together, and well…do most everything together!  They also like to curl up with me to take naps and sleep with Matt at the foot of the bed at … Continue Reading

Meet Mickey-Colony Cat of the Week Part 1

The featured cat of the week is back!  For those of you new to We Live Inspired, I sometimes write about a feral cat colony that appeared in our neighborhood.  For those of you not new, believe it or not there are several cats whose stories have yet to be told.  If you are just joining us and want to browse photos and stories of cats that were featured in the past click HERE.  Today you will get a chance to meet Mickey!  Mickey is one of the 2 mascots for my website, so you may have noticed her before in the photo of kittens in a basket on the main website page.  All photos/videos of her were taken at my parents house (this was before Matt and I became … Continue Reading

The Cat That Got Caught Yellow Handed

cat paw

There was a “who done it” mystery to solve last week.   A formerly beautiful table set with a fresh arrangement of Flowers from the garden.   Happy white daisies with bright yellow centers from Mom’s garden, and red Asiatic lily’s from mine.   A mess of flowers strewn everywhere and water spilled all over the table from the overturned vase.   It wasn’t TOO hard to figure out “who done it” , as it obviously wasn’t one of we humans that reside here, so unless we have a poltergeist (doubtful), we knew it must be one of the cats.  but which one?   Was it Rusty , “The Cat That Came to Dinner” (click the title for that hilarious story), who often sits at the dining table like the … Continue Reading

The Cat That Came to Dinner

  Over the years we have had all kinds of dinner guests, but lately there is this one guy who is quite hairy.   He started out as a party crasher at birthday dinners & other celebrations only (he knows how to work a crowd), and now he has decided to become a permanent fixture.  I can’t decide if he’s rude or polite- horning in on meals without an invitation.  That is the rude part.  But then again- he DOES sit there ever so quietly-acting all calm and patient.  Plus- he never says a word.  Who can argue with that? I decided it was fruitless to resist him since he is not a quitter anyways.  “So what if he is the hairiest guy I have ever eaten dinner with?”  I … Continue Reading

You’ll Never Walk Alone-An Inspiring Story of God’s Grace

Have you ever felt alone?  Loneliness is something we all experience from time to time during our life’s journey.  Where it stems from can vary- maybe you are becoming an empty nester for the first time, or moving away (new kid on the block syndrome) or have suffered the loss of a companion.  Maybe you have even been hurt or abandoned.  Maybe you long for good friends to share life with.  Whatever the circumstance, feeling lonely is a pretty common thing (I guess you could say we are not really alone, as others experience it too ;)).       I have experienced that lonely feeling several times in the past year.  One such time that comes to mind is after my dog died in late July of 2012.  Actually … Continue Reading

Cats in the Snow (How the Colony Survived Winter) Photos & Video!

Feral Cat Playing in the Snow

It’s (sort of) Wordless Wednesday (where I keep any writing simple).  I am sharing some photos and 1 video update of the feral cat colony for those of you who have been following their story.  The photos/video show just a few of the remaining feral cats that are comfortable with me now.  Since last Summer several have been adopted.  Those that were not used to contact with me before Winter hit, must be taking up shelter.  I have not seen a lot of them roaming as I did in warmer weather (there were around 30 cats roaming the neighborhood at the end of Summer 2012). I don’t know how the others fared , but I am happy to say that the regulars I work with have made it through their … Continue Reading

The Emily Dickinson Kitty

Today is (mostly) Wordless Wednesday, where I am sharing a cute photo creation I made for you and keeping my words short and sweet.  I dug up an old photo of my first cat (a slightly fluffy haired calico) named Sandy.  I got her as a Christmas gift when I was 9.  She was such a good sport about letting me play dress up with her , and would sit very ladylike in the little vintage-y dresses I would fix her up in :D.  Here she is in her fancy lace overlay dress , getting ready for high tea and a poetry recitation! Did I mention she and I shared a love of not only tea, but Emily Dickinson?  Cat nip tea always for kitty (of course!) ..and chamomile for myself.   … Continue Reading

The Cat That Wanted To Party- A True (Funny) Story

Funny Cat

Did you all have a good weekend?  I had a rather sleepless one myself.  Aside from the fact that I have been struggling with insomnia worse again lately (Gah!), I was forced to deal with the Cat that wouldn’t sleep , but instead wanted to “Party”.  Let me explain it to you Dr. Seuss style…   Around 3:30 am on a Saturday Morn I laid there (not sleeping) much to my scorn My head was a pounding, a sinus headache The wind was a whistling, a loud sound it did make! I tried to get comfy, but my head said “No way!” So I got up for some Tylenol, to keep pain at bay. I hunkered back in , it was about Four But I was finally warm and sleepy-ready … Continue Reading

Cat Colony Christmas Photos (Their First Christmas)

One last set of photos to share from Christmas for (mostly) Wordless Wednesday.  If you have been keeping up with my blog, then by now you know about my efforts to help a Feral and Stray Cat Colony issue in my neighborhood.  All of the photos today are of colony cats.  Some of them are the outside ones we help, and some of them are indoor ones that have now been adopted.  This was their first Christmas! 🙂 We wanted to bring a little joy to their lives.  If you would like to read more about the colony cats I care for and their stories, you can click HERE to be taken to the archives, or just look for the Cat Colony tab on my website.  Looking out for the … Continue Reading

Cat Tales-A Christmas Tree for Tangerine

Calico Cat under the Christmas Tree

  Once upon a time there was a funny little calico cat named Tangerine.  Tangerine didn’t have a home and lived outside with a group of other homeless feral cats (feral meaning not used to human contact).  One day in the summer Tangerine decided to hide under the lounge chair where a girl sat outside reading books and giving love to some of the other cats  that Tangerine knew.  Tangerine would sometimes bat at the girl from under the chair, as she was a very silly and playful kitten.   She was starving and skinny and needed some help because her fur was falling out and she had sores all over.  She was pretty much a mess.  So she reached out to the girl, who helped her get to the … Continue Reading

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