The Emily Dickinson Kitty

Today is (mostly) Wordless Wednesday, where I am sharing a cute photo creation I made for you and keeping my words short and sweet.  I dug up an old photo of my first cat (a slightly fluffy haired calico) named Sandy.  I got her as a Christmas gift when I was 9.  She was such a good sport about letting me play dress up with her , and would sit very ladylike in the little vintage-y dresses I would fix her up in :D.  Here she is in her fancy lace overlay dress , getting ready for high tea and a poetry recitation! Did I mention she and I shared a love of not only tea, but Emily Dickinson?  Cat nip tea always for kitty (of course!) ..and chamomile for myself.   … Continue Reading

Walter the Christmas Curmudgeon & Other Stocking Pranks

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I am back from a week long (or so) holiday break to share some funny Christmas photos with you for Wordless Wednesday (a little story to go along with the photos will follow, in case you don’t know who the subject of today’s humor is!)   Oh No- It’s Walter (aka the Christmas Curmudgeon…or you can call him just plain curmudgeon, cause trust me it is not just a seasonal problem!!!)     Who is this cranky little man and more importantly whose stocking was he forced to spend Christmas in??!!   A little back story here.  I have this little thing going on where I like to put at least one little prank gift or smile producing … Continue Reading

Cat Humor-Rusty the Christmas Spy

Funny Cat Photo

While unpacking my Christmas gifts that have arrived by mail this year…..                 So this is what I am dealing with this year.  Rusty the Christmas spy has been sent to keep me in line!  I do think I have been pretty good, so hopefully I have nothing to worry about…. 🙂 Share This ArticleTweet

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