Tea Party Appetizers-Cranberry Feta Pinwheels


I promised I would share all kinds of photos, DIY, and recipes from our 2nd annual Mother’s Day tea last week.  I am starting Monday out with to DIE for tea party appetizers that are SO easy to make and yet look and taste impressive.  It only takes 5 ingredients too!  Before I get to that though, I wanted to share a few other photos of some of the food we had that I won’t be posting recipes for.  I invite you to sit back with a good “cuppa” this week and join in on some elegant tea party fun! 



Aside from having both iced tea and hot tea for our party, we had a variety of little tea foods & desserts.  Such as :


Egg and Olive Tea Sandwiches

Our guests brought these tea sandwiches to share. I don’t know the exact recipe, but they were kind of like an egg salad but with chopped green olives and shredded cheese in the mix.


Tea Party Treats the Guests Brought

Here are some desserts one guest brought to tea-Coconut macaroons and mini carrot cake cupcakes.


An appetizer Mom made:  


Tea Party Appetizers-Chicken Salad Cones

I won’t be sharing this particular recipe exactly, but you can make your own version of these pretty appetizers easy enough on your own. You basically just roll egg roll wraps/wontons in to a cone shape, brush the outside with butter or oil and herbs and bake until they are firm. You will then stuff them with any tuna or chicken salad recipe of your choice.


Don’t they look gorgeous arranged on a vintage tray with spinach leaves as garnish?!



Now without further ado, I present to you the piece de resistance!  I swear to you that every person who tried these went crazy for them.  From our party guests, to myself (Mom made these), to my fiance’s family that stopped by later (even the men loved them!), we got nothing but compliments.  They are perfect for delicate tea party finger foods, but also great for any party or occasion you can think of (weddings and showers come to mind too!)

Here is what they look like (photo first with recipe to follow):


Cranberry and Cheese Pinwheels



  1. 1 carton (8 oz.) whipped cream cheese, softened
  2. 1 cup (8 oz.) crumbled feta cheese
  3. 1/4 cup chopped green onions
  4. 1 pkg. (6 oz.) dried cranberries
  5. 4 flour tortillas (10 inches)



In a small bowl, combine cream cheese, feta cheese, and onions.  Stir in cranberries.  Spread about 1/2 cup mixture over each tortilla and roll up tightly.  Wrap with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.  Cut each roll up in to 10 slices.

Arrange on a pretty tray with greens for garnish if you like. 🙂



Don’t these look divine?  I hope you will give this and some of the other ideas a try.  On a side note I am not a huge fan of feta cheese by itself, but it was delicious in this recipe.  I swear though, I thought that these tasted a bit like a healthy version of a McDonald’s cheeseburger with onions on top.  It must be the onions and feta together.  There was only one other person that didn’t think I was nuts on that and could taste it a bit too (it happened to be a man).


SO- a challenge and request from me:  If you give these a try , could you contact me or comment here to let me know if you also taste a bit of a cheeseburger flavor as I described above?  😀  I have a little debate to settle here and I am anxious to see if anyone else can see where I am coming from….


More delightful tea party tid bits to come this week and beyond!  Stay tuned for more.  Until then, keep living inspired and add a little extra garnish to things to make them pretty   🙂  It makes the otherwise mundane marvolous! ~Rebekah


This post will be linked up at some of THESE parties this week.

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5 Responses to Tea Party Appetizers-Cranberry Feta Pinwheels

  1. Lizzy says:

    I’m not a big cheese connoisseur but they remind me of a similar thing another American friend used to make. I think she used creamed cheese with onion and herbs? i can’t remember exactly but they were delicious…Hope you can find some others who are also reminded of cheeseburgers 🙂

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      That does sound similar Lizzy. This recipe is made with cream cheese and onion in it too. Yeah- I am curious to see if anyone else is silly like me and thinks of cheeseburgers :D. I swear they do have a flavor similar! (minus the cranberries)

  2. Yum!! All those pics make me hungry..I love your recipe for the roll ups..cranberries make them so pretty and tasty too!

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      I know- food pictures are awful for watching the pounds , huh? I swear these are so tasty!! I think I pinned your Tostada bowls yesterday. We had tacos tonight. Forgot about the bowls, but I have leftover beef, so I am going to try those tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by! Blessings to you as well 🙂

  3. Heather says:

    Rebekah, these pinwheel appetizers look absolutely wonderful and they have to be delicious. I’m definitely doing this recipe for my next tea! Thanks for sharing it.
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style