Liking What We Have with Childlike Enthusiasm-Gratitude Lessons From a Child

I Can Do Anything

Let’s start the new week out with some motivation!  You’ve heard me mention how I have collected an “arsenal of inspiring things” over the past 14 years (which eventually led to the creation of this site).  One of those things is a YouTube video I came across a few years ago.  You may have already seen it somewhere.  It’s a video of a little girl named Jessica shouting out positive affirmations in a spunky, enthusiastic way.  Affirmations aside, this really is a video that speaks volumes about gratitude.  We should all only have this much enthusiasm for the blessings we have in our lives.   In the video she is standing on the bathroom sink looking in to the mirror while declaring all of the things she likes in her … Continue Reading

Rest & Be Thankful-Inspirational Labor Day Word Art

Rest & Be Thankful Quote for Labor Day- &

I am keeping today’s post simple, in honor or Labor Day :).  I hope you have been enjoying a wonderful, long weekend!  Matt and I are hosting our first little family barbecue today.  It is a belated cookout for Matt’s birthday/Labor Day get together.  My parents got him Omaha Steak Co. steak burgers for his birthday, so we will be cooking those on the grill.  We are particularly excited to try out the new seasoning rubs I got him for his birthday.  You know me-not one much for plain stuff- variety is the spice of life and keeps me living inspired!   So these won’t be just plain burgers, they will be burgers seasoned with a Mesquite grilling seasoning rub.  Last week (on Matt’s actual birthday) we tried Montreal seasoned … Continue Reading

Fathers-How Dad Impacted My Life and a Quirky Mix of Music For You

Bob Marley Photo

Happy Father’s Day to the Dad’s & Grandads out there (including my own if you see this)!  Today I thought I would share one of the ways my Dad has impacted my life.  Be ready for an interesting menagerie of music as I give you a peek in to my past and an arm chair trip around the world!  (videos are embedded on the website, but by email you can click on any links you see to be taken to the songs)   While both of my parents nurtured creativity in me, there are two areas in which Dad had the largest role: Music & Writing.   Some of my earliest memories are of Dad playing all sorts of music in the home.  He has exposed me to SO many … Continue Reading

Above All- An Inspirational Easter Video

Happy Easter to You!  I thought today would be a good day to share an inspirational Worship video I created for Easter a few years ago.  You may or may not know of the song “Above All”, but it’s one of my favorites in the worship music genre.  This version is sung by John Tesh and if you are in to powerful worship music, you may enjoy the rest of his CD called Live at the Red Rocks as well.  I personally think it’s an awesome CD.  I hope you all have been enjoying Easter celebrations of all forms!  If you can’t see the video below, you can click HERE to view it on my youtube channel.   Above All Lyrics: Above all powers, above all Kings, Above all Nature … Continue Reading

The Bare Necessities- Keeping Life Simple

Today’s inspiration came from a dream I had recently.  I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that I am a Pisces (known for being creative dreamers), or if it can be chalked up to my odd sleeping habits, but I am an avid dreamer.  I find dreams fascinating and sometimes on a lucky occasion I will dream up words, phrases, or ideas that I can use in real life.   After having a series of bad dreams this Winter (very unlike me), I had a happy little dream last week where I pictured the characters from Disney’s “The Jungle Book”, and was singing along to the song “The Bare Necessities” as I watched the characters dance.  Then I dreamt that I was to write a blog … Continue Reading

A Victor Hugo Valentine for You-Wordless Wednesday + Henry’s World Giveaway

To Love Another Person is to See the Face of God

  A Valentine I created for You for Wordless Wednesday (plus enter a giveaway for a good cause below!     What does this quote mean to you? Do you have a favorite Love Quote? a Rafflecopter giveaway  This giveaway is for Henry’s World.  It’s a great charitable cause!  For some reason the rafflecopter is not showing with the code I was provided, so please click on the word’s “A Rafflecopter Giveaway” to enter!  You can also go HERE to learn more about Henry’s and to enter. Share This ArticleTweet

Inspired by: The True Spirit of Giving

While I have been sharing lots of money saving or shopping tips to help you get deals when you shop like I do, I wanted to take a time out from that today to write a little inspirational article on the true spirit of giving.    One of the joys of Christmas for me is the giving.  Of course I love receiving gifts as well, but nothing is as fun to me as picking out things I think my loved ones will like, and seeing them open them on Christmas!  It’s such a warm, fuzzy feeling 🙂 With advertisements everywhere, and Christmas “wish” lists, and all of the material side of things, I am inspired by the meaning behind the increased spending/shopping this time of year.  If you look beyond … Continue Reading

Relaxing Reflections-Inspired by the 23rd Psalm

Need something relaxing to meditate on this week?  I thought I would share another one of my “things that feed the soul”  things I have collected over the years-the most beautiful choral arrangement of the 23rd Psalm that I have ever heard ( I think it’s something most anyone of any background would enjoy).   I have always loved the 23rd Psalm and have found it not only to be a great biblical passage-but very poetic as well.  When I read it, I picture a comforting and symbolic scene of a shepherd guiding a lamb through rolling hills of the greenest grass, dotted with trees and clear glass- like streams of water.  In a society where it’s so easy to get caught up in material things, “wants”, and haves or … Continue Reading

Everything is Beautiful

You are Beautiful-One of a Kind and Uniquely Beautiful…..Just the way you are.     Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson sing “Everything is Beautiful”.  Great montage of photos depicting different kinds of beauty.  There is even beauty to be found in the midst of storms 🙂  If you are an email subscriber and can’t see the video, just go directly to the website by clicking on my logo icon , or click this youtube link :   Let’s make it a beautiful day! ~Rebekah Share This ArticleTweet

Inspired by “Simple Truths” – Courage Doesn’t Always Roar

Need a little end of the week inspiration?  While most of my website pictures, art, and writing will be 100% original, once in awhile I will be sharing inspirational stuff I find on the web that I think may benefit you as well.   Years ago when I was trying to take life’s negatives and turn them in to positives, I set out to “collect” things that made me feel good.  I think part of the path to living inspired, is to surround yourself with things that lift you up, instead of make you feel down ( a reason why I don’t watch the news a lot haha).  I have found that what we surround ourselves with (in the way of music, what we read, what we watch, listen to, … Continue Reading

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