Tip of the Week – How I Make A Weekly Meal Plan

Meal planning. Such a mundane thing, right? Not to this girl! It’s a way I live inspired, so make sure to read until the end of this to discover how.   Meal planning is something I never thought I would do. Did I mention I am seriously surprised at how organized I am getting as a married woman out on my own? Before you go thinking I have always been some perfect Martha Stewart who does everything just so, let me tell you that I have pretty much always been very messy and disorganized. But that is a story for a different day. HA! (I’m thinking about starting a series on true confessions. Where I confess the stuff I used to always be embarrassed about. We shall see!)     … Continue Reading

Ocular Migraines : An Annoying Phenomenon and What Helps

I guess I will file today’s post under the “Tip of the Week” Section, as it has been awhile since I shared a tip with my readers.  Have you ever had an ocular migraine?  Maybe you have experienced this strange and annoying phenomenon, but just didn’t know what the heck it was.  I meant to do a post updating you all on the things I wanted to share about where I am going in 2016, but had to take a little detour for self care due to having an ocular migraine again last night.  Let me tell you, they are not fun.  Like with most annoying things I have experienced though, I find a way to cope.   In a nutshell an ocular migraine is a visual experience and isn’t … Continue Reading

Tip of the Week- Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Everyone and Every Budget!

I love holidays and I love making my loved ones feel special!  This week I’m sharing some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for all budgets and all people on your list (even treats for those who can’t have sugar).  Valentine’s Day gift ideas for women, men and kids!  Are you ready to spread a little love around with me?  I won’t separate these gift ideas in categories, because usually the gifts I give for Valentine’s could work for several people on my list.  I will put some suggestions with each item for who the recipients could be and I will make it easy for you by providing costs and links to everything.  This post also includes some of my savvy shopper money saving tips- so don’t miss those!       … Continue Reading

Tip of the Week: How to Prevent Jam Or Jelly From Crystallizing

cooking concord grape jam on the stove

It’s time for a Tip of the Week!  This is where I share random stuff I know to help make your life easier.  Today’s tip is handy for anyone who is interested in canning or making jams, jellies, preserves, etc.  Have you ever tried to make a jam and wound up with hard sugar clumps in the jar later?  I have fortunately never had this happen, but I know several people who have.  So, today I am sharing “How to Prevent Jam or Jelly From Crystallizing!”     It all has to do with temperature and timing.  If you have ever wound up with undesirable sugar crystals in your jams or jellies, you probably added the sugar when your mixture was too hot.  The process of adding sugar to hot … Continue Reading

Tip of the Week-Where to Buy the Best Cake Ever (Online)!

prantls burnt almond torte

It’s been awhile since I shared a tip of the week with you!  I love bringing you random tips to help you save money , to make life easier for you, or just to share awesome stuff with you that you may have never heard of before!  This week I am sharing my new favorite to die for cake with you  (but not literally because I ate it all…muhahaha 😉 ).  It’s called a Burnt Almond Torte and it comes from a bakery in Pittsburgh, PA called Prantl’s.  They are famous for this cake and people travel from all around to get a piece of this slice of heaven!  It truly is the best cake ever!   One of my best friends (whom I coincidentally met online 6 years ago … Continue Reading

Taking Time to Rest-My Simple 4 Step Relaxation Method

It’s time for another tip of the week (if you’d like to read more of my helpful tips, click HERE for those archives)! Today’s Topic of Inspiration is Rest.  REST. Ahhhhhhhhh.  Do any of you need a little of that today?  We live in a world that is so hurried.  There is so much information out there.  So much social media.  So much to keep up with.  We all need a day of rest.  We all wear so many hats : Wife, Husband, Mother, Father, Teacher, Caretaker, Employee, Friend, etc.  Even God took a day of rest.   Something that we often forget in this fast paced modern world, is that we were created to rest. Here are some of the ways the dictionary defines Rest: To cease work or movement … Continue Reading

Harvesting Pears at the Cottage and a Fall Giveaway Contest!

It’s a cozy cottage weekend-so won’t you stop for a visit at my inspiring cottage?  A hot cup of tea and a fresh dessert of some sort always awaits you!  Today is all about Pears and the harvest season.  Our cottage came with a mini orchard (of which we will be adding to in the future) and one of my favorite trees in the yard is an old fashioned pear.  I am doing a fun Fall Harvest contest in which you could win a prize, so be sure to read the whole article so you don’t miss it!  In this article I will also be sharing tips on identifying pear trees , how to know when it’s time to harvest, storing pears, etc.     Have you ever smelled the … Continue Reading

Tip of the Week-Where to Buy Low Cost Quality Patio Furniture and Dining Sets

High Quality Patio Dining Furniture for cheap prices at home depot

Have you ever been frustrated trying to find an affordable, yet high quality patio dining set?  If you have priced quality patio furniture- you know how expensive it can be!!  When Matt and I were looking for a set to go with the new home, I was stunned at the costs (if you want something other than plastic).  You don’t have to waste hours of your time scouring the net or the stores like I did, just read below and I will tell you how we got an AMAZING set for a great price.  I wanted to share this tip to help anyone looking for patio furniture on a budget, but also I thought you guys may enjoy seeing part of our new and patio and the dining set we … Continue Reading

Get a Free Kindle Fire HD,Xbox or Sonos While Saving Money on Your Internet & Phone Bill

Today I am sharing a money saving tip of the week with you on how you can not only save money on some monthly bills , but also get a pretty sweet Free gift doing it!  I was able to help my parents get a Free Kindle Fire (but you could choose a different device instead) by switching over to AT&T  U-verse.  Let me explain how…         So a few months ago, I was helping my parents (who are cutting back on expenses these days) figure out a way to lower some of their monthly bills.  I came across a really great deal for switching over from regular AT&T service to the AT&T  U-Verse service.  They could bundle their TV, internet, and phone all together for less … Continue Reading

How to Get FREE Food For Your Birthday and Beyond

This week’s topic is on how I get things Free or heavily discounted during the month of my birthday.  Yesterday I shared the top 8 stores online that give me Free gift cards, Gifts, and more, along with a website I use for great coupons to save even more money.  If you missed that article you can click HERE to learn more.  Today’s focus is on FREE food! Some places will give you completely Free meals (and more than one too 🙂 ) Let’s get started!     Tip #1:  You will need to sign up to be on the mailing lists of the companies I mention.  For most companies this is the only way you will be able to get these deals and it also ensures that you won’t … Continue Reading

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