The Wings of Belief-A Whimsical Poem & a Childhood Story

It’s time for my poetry in five with the Five Minute Friday community!  I am a day behind, as I have company here at the cottage and am super busy.  This week’s magic word is “FLY”.  I have a little childhood story on “flying” to share with you, followed by the whimsical poem I wrote!  Won’t you lighten your spirit and indulge in a little childlike glee with me today?  (there is a message in this poem for our adult selves too 😉 )    



When I was a child I used to almost believe I could fly.  Did you ever feel that way when you were small?  Children are so amazing in their ability to BELIEVE in possibility.  That is what made childhood so fun!  It was like living in this fairytale dream world where tooth fairies, Easter Bunnies, Santa Claus, and leprechauns existed.  I had a big imagination as a child and if I believed hard enough in something, I felt very sure that it could actually happen.


I loved the swings when I was little.  I would get on that swing set and pump my legs back and forth to get as high as I possibly could get so that it would feel like I was flying.  One time, when I was with my 2 cousins (Ryan and Kyle),  I can remember being at some park like setting where the swing set was in the middle of lots of soft, cushy sand.  I decided to let myself fly for real, ha!


When I got as high as I could go on the swing, I jumped out of the swing and went catapulting through the air to see how far I could “jump”.  It was my own version of an Olympic pole vault.  I made sort of a contest out of it, seeing how long and how far I could “fly” before landing.  I loved the feeling I got in my tummy for those few seconds that I was airborne.  I felt like a super hero!  I felt so powerful, free and fearless as I soared through the air.


While I am not recommending that anyone tries their hand at catapulting out of a swing (disclaimer not try this at home;) ) , there is a lesson to be learned here.  A lesson in belief and possibility.  What did you used to want to be when you grew up?  What did you DREAM of being?  What did you think was POSSIBLE?


I find it inspiring that children have this belief in themselves, until the world tells them otherwise at some point.  President of the United States?  No problem.  Astronaut?  Sure..why not?  I personally wanted to be a wide variety of things, which included a well known book author, a poet (with a published poetry book), a fashion designer, an artist, and a teacher.


Why do we often lose this belief in ourselves as adults?  How can we get back in touch with our dreams and desires and embrace the possibility that they can come true?  What is stopping us now that didn’t stop us then?  




Part of why I created “We Live Inspired!” was to rekindle my childhood passions, chase my dreams , and BE those things I always said I would be someday.  That belief I had as a child that I could someday be a writer, poet, artist and teacher is now becoming my reality through what I am doing here through this website, and through my Facebook community and beyond!  It feels so good!  It has created this joy in me that I had when I was a child and I almost feel like a kid again :).   I want to encourage you by saying that you can do this too if you so desire!  All it takes is one baby step in the direction of your dreams.  

And now for the poem on today’s word!



The Wings of Belief:  (for a friend, Sweetwater “Ray of Joy”)


If I had wings to help me fly,

If I could soar right through the trees,

I’d reach right out and touch the blue-

that Great expanse of sky I see.

But I would not stop at the blue,

Oh no, Why not discover more?

I’d like to lie on a puffy cloud,

and count white sheep until I snore.

And after I have had my nap,

I’d wake refreshed to colors bright-

And coast right down a rainbow slide,

Into a pool of purple light.

Once I’ve found my pot of gold,

I’d make my journey towards the stars,

And wish on several as I pass,

and maybe save one in a jar!

There’s one more thing I’ve yet to reach,

That big, bright orb we call the moon!

And since I’ve come this far I’ll shoot,

for the silvery light that makes me swoon.

Maybe, just maybe, when I get there,

I’ll meet the man called “Aiken Drum”

and “play upon his ladle” with him-

Oh wouldn’t that be so much fun?

I think my wings could get me there,

Belief is all a person needs.

To soar and fly however high

I wish to go beyond the trees.


©Rebekah Ann Stephenson 2013


In case you don’t know who on earth Aiken Drum is, just click on the name in the poem to be taken to a description :).  It is a piece of my childhood, and I will be writing a the story on that sometime in the near future.


Question:  What did you always want to be when YOU grew up? 😀  

Shoot For the Moon


Here’s to soaring,

(with love) Rebekah 

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2 Responses to The Wings of Belief-A Whimsical Poem & a Childhood Story

  1. Lisa says:

    Thank you for a beautiful uplifting poem. I love the thought of sliding down rainbows. I shall take this whimsical description of believing in yourself and apply it to my tomorrow! And I have always love this quote; it is on the wall of my daughters’ playroom. Thanks again, visiting from FMF.

  2. Lizzy says:

    “I’d make my journey towards the stars,
    And wish on several as I pass,
    and maybe save one in a jar!”

    <3 <3 <3