Growing Wings – Inspirational Poetry by Rebekah

Butterfly on purple flower

Growing Wings

Sometimes life knocks us down and we

Forget all that we’re meant to be.

Forget our power and our light,

Forget that we are made for flight.

Forget that we can SOAR above,

Forget that we all come from Love.

Forget that we can overcome,

Forget our story is not done.

Forget the reason we are here,

When weighted down by human fear.

But you are not just flesh and bones,

Broken by life’s sticks and stones!

You, my dear, are made for more,

You are spirit- created to SOAR!

You are Love, you are Light,

You are a star glowing in the night!

You may have forgotten, but it’s okay,

Sometimes life can be that way.

You can grow wings-it’s not too late,

These bumps and potholes aren’t your fate.

It starts with just a single step,

Don’t worry if you feel inept.

Everyone does when they first sprout wings,

It takes awhile to work through these things!

But then step after step you will see,

You’re becoming all you’re meant to be!

Try to trust the process as you go,

It’s all a part of how wings grow.

One day your steps will turn to flight

and you will SOAR to brand new heights!

Enjoy the journey, embrace it all..

Don’t forget- It’s okay to fall.

You’re always supported in all you do,

Remember your wings-

they will see you through.


Copyright Rebekah Ann Stephenson June 8, 2018


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