An Unlikely Bloom – Inspirational Poetry by Rebekah

My latest poem for the poetry book I am working on. Like most of my nature themed poetry, here we can draw on inspiration from beauty that blooms in unlikely places, knowing we too can bloom in less than perfect conditions. Bloom, and thrive even! Enjoy! xoxo, Rebekah


An Unlikely Bloom


It wasn’t in the garden

It wasn’t with the rest,

It didn’t grow in greenery,

Conditions weren’t the best.

It didn’t have much space to bloom

It didn’t have much light,

Just a concrete jungle

A less than perfect site.

It found a crack in which to bloom

A ray of hope crept in,

And seeped down deep into the dirt

Stirring all within.

A little seed began to sprout

And grow out towards the light,

It pushed its way up through that crack

Rising to new heights.

It grew a little more each day

Until one day it bloomed,

That little seed allowed the light

To transform concrete gloom.

“There is a crack in everything”

As Leonard Cohen said,

And beauty blooms in dirt and cracks-

Not just in well groomed beds.


Copyright Rebekah Ann Stephenson 2018

flower blooming in concrete crack


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