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Could you use a fairy godmother to help you with something?

Welcome to Inspired Mentoring & Services with your fairy godmother Rebekah!  Friends call me Bekah and some of my clients call me Fairy Godmother, so feel free to call me whichever feeels comfortable to you :). I want to warmly invite you to check out my services. We start with a FREE 20 minute phone or video (your choice) consult so we can “meet” and get a feel for if we are a good match for working together. (you can email me at to set one up)


I am the author, designer, and creator of “We Live Inspired!”  If you would like to learn more about what inspired living means to me and what led up to the creation of this site, I encourage you to start with my About page HERE.  I am so excited to expand my website to offer Inspired Mentoring & Services!

People matter to me.  If you are here reading this, YOU matter to me.  I am passionate about doing what I can to serve others as my time allows.  No matter what work I do for you (whether it be private mentoring/tutoring or a professional service I can do for you), each client is treated with specialized care, support, attention, and encouragement.  I like to create a positive, upbeat experience for all involved.  I combine my well rounded creativity, attention to detail, & wisdom, with work that comes from the heart.  



My background (or what led up to creating this inspired mentoring page):

I have been mentoring, inspiring, and motivating people (or so they tell me 😉 ) since February of 2008, when I started a wellness business with Melalueca. Over the years, I have talked to literally hundreds of people.  I didn’t start at the top.  I started out of a place of dire need and personal challenges, and have worked my way up.  Because of this, my coaching/mentoring comes from a very down to earth place of humble beginnings & personal growth, which I think is what inspires people. It helps people feel that they can learn to do new things, act in new ways, make life changes, etc because it is possible.  If I can do it, you can do it!


It was my work in the wellness businessthat made me realize what I enjoyed most about what I did was inspiring, mentoring and making a difference in people’s lives. Since then I have changed directions and have created my own business here at We Live Inspired, by offering many services to help both individuals and businesses.


Inspired Mentoring Sessions & Services I Offer:

  1. Graphic Design and photo editing for your blog, website, brand, or business (even Etsy stores)
  2. “How to” personal help with blogging questions, WordPress questions, social media, graphic design and images for your projects or websites, branding ideas, marketing & business ideas, & more.  For anything not listed here, feel free to ask and I will let you know if I can help or if not, I will refer you to one of my team members or inspired resources who can.  All “How To” Tutoring type calls can be “hands on” with live screen sharing (where I can show you my screen as I explain things) if you like!
  3. Motivational and/or Goal Setting Calls to help you set goals or get inspired if you are stuck on something.  I love to help bring the best out in people and help them share their gifts with the world. I also offer accountability check ins.
  4. Comforting Support calls if you need encouragement and help in the personal growth area.  I also offer prayer as an included option with these type of calls if you would like that.
  5. Business/Marketing Support Calls and Creative Collaboration Idea Sessions.  We brainstorm ideas for your creative brand or business together.
  6. Live Teleconference Facilitation/Assistance on your calls:  Peace of mind and less stress on your shoulders with an assistant to help you in both the “awesome ideas” department and with running your calls/workshops, etc. (I am familiar with Maestro conference or Zoom platforms).


*** Some of these mentoring options (such as the Comforting Support Calls and the Motivation/Inspiration calls) come with the added option for me to write personalized, powerful affirmations tailored to YOU and your needs, situation, etc.  


What my Mentoring is like:

  • Warm, Comforting, Caring, Uplifting & Understanding.  It’s a marriage of practical approaches to create results with heartfelt conversations, inspirational encouragement and support.
  • Gentle, yet a motivating “cheerleader” who can help point you in a direction and focus
  • Inspiring & down to earth (as I have built everything I have ever done in my life from no prior experience- teaching myself how to do things I thought I could never do)
  • A good communicator who listens and takes time with my clients/students.  I am very thorough and patient as well.  Because I am self taught, I am good at helping the novice/beginner-breaking things down in to baby steps with attention to detail.
  • Creative influence mixed with practical business and marketing sense
  • FUN!  I like to create a fun atmosphere, unless of course you need mentoring or help with something of a more serious nature 😉


Click HERE (or just click the “Contact Me” Tab on my website) to email me about what you need help with and/or schedule your Free 20 minute consult.


Other Inspired Services:  

  • Editing help:  I can make your blog posts, writing projects, resumes, etc. look more appealing, attention catching, and correct/clean them up a bit (if need be).
  • Freelance Writing for Hire:  I am versatile and write all sorts of articles here at We Live Inspired and have done some commissioned writing work.  My professional articles include How To’s, Money Saving Tips, Home & Garden Related things (Including DIY and Recipes), Motivation/Inspiration/Personal Development and Persuasive Writing pieces for companies.
    In addition to the professional stuff though, I love doing whimsical pieces, poetry (for all ages and audiences-including children), Inspirational & Christian based articles and poems, and more.  I’d love to write for your online blog, website, company, or even print magazine publications
  •  Attention Brands/Businesses: I do advertising and reviews if they fit my brand. 


And now for the necessary boring stuff ;)- (for those who want to know my background)


My experience includes:  

  • Graphic Design/Web Design and Brand Strategy/Brand Mentoring.  I also help creatives launch their blogs, Etsy stores or businesses!
  • 6 years of building a successful network marketing business mostly all online (at home from my computer)
  • 6 years of being a “Team Coach” for the women, (a few men), & families that made up my “Going Green Wellness Team” (which by the way was called Tenacious Trail Mix 😀 ).  A team coach means that I did many group training sessions & conference calls to teach people how to do just about everything you can think of involving home based businesses.  This includes product & wellness education, How to make an income from home, online (& offline) ad training & marketing, problem solving where I answer questions and come up with creative solutions to help people succeed, and training on how to effectively communicate with others.  Conference calls were held weekly for almost 4 years, with smaller group mentoring sessions as needed in between.  These calls were created to help inspire ACTION in my team members.
  • 6 years of being a personal mentor where I have worked with numerous people on a one on one basis to encourage, care, support, motivate, and train others to become leaders themselves.
  • 4+  years of running this blog by myself and all of the social media and technical things that come with creating and maintaining Word Press.
  • Running Live Events and Workshops Online – both my own successful workshop, and as a live moderator and assistant for other authors/luminaries (such as author/artist SARK)
  • Assisting in Facebook communities to create engagement and offer support (both for myself, author/artist SARK , and for other clients as well)
  •  25 years of Creating as an artist, poet, writer, and Jane of all trades.  My first commissioned pieces were at age 12/13.







“Whether you are building your life or a business you need a strong foundation to cheer, inspire and move you forward with conviction and understanding from one who has been there done that.  Rebekah is the right person because she listens, she answers and gives awesome ideas.  She is your INSPIRER!  She is there for you.  She’s MAGIC IN ACTION!”

~Susan Guild (aka Suz!) Entrepreneur & Author of the “Wake Up Your Magic!” book series 




“Artists, Entrepreneurs, people who need help w/websites,blogs, graphic design, marketing and more…I want to take a moment to give a shout out and a *high* recommendation to Bekah Stephenson of

As some of you know I have been working on a BIG project and I *knew* I needed help, but wasn’t sure where to turn.
Enter: Bekah (thank you Universe!)
She helped me edit, make pretty, insert pictures and do all the computer-y stuff to my artistic project that would have taken me eons to figure out.  She was professional, creative, insightful, calm, and SUCH A JOY TO WORK WITH!
If you are like me and need help making ideas come to life in a digital world…she can really help you.
I also want to recommend you work with her SOONER rather than later as my spidey sense says this girl is getting ready to explode! Her prices are great so def. take advantage now.
Ok that’s it! Thanks Bekah-You rule!”  -Anoo Tree Brod 



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