Requiem for a Bird – A Poem by Rebekah Ann Stephenson

Mourning Dove Bird

Hello Inspired Friends! After over a year and a half of an absence here, I am back (more on that later). Ironically the last post I wrote was about a bird. Winged creatures are my totem animals and birds in particular seem to come to me with their messages. Crows, hummingbirds, a sparrow that I had as a pet even, and now a mourning dove. It seems fitting that I should return “on the wings of a dove” so to speak ūüôā . If you are here for the poem only, you’ll want to scroll past this story telling part. You shall find the poem towards the bottom of this post. This poem was inspired by another particularly challenging day and a moment of grief. While the story itself may ‚Ķ Continue Reading

Growing Wings – Inspirational Poetry by Rebekah

Butterfly on purple flower

Growing Wings Sometimes life knocks us down and we Forget all that we’re meant to be. Forget our power and our light, Forget that we are made for flight. Forget that we can SOAR above, Forget that we all come from Love. Forget that we can overcome, Forget our story is not done. Forget the reason we are here, When weighted down by human fear. But you are not just flesh and bones, Broken by life’s sticks and stones! You, my dear, are made for more, You are spirit- created to SOAR! You are Love, you are Light, You are a star glowing in the night! You may have forgotten, but it’s okay, Sometimes life can be that way. You can grow wings-it’s not too late, These bumps and potholes ‚Ķ Continue Reading

In Between the Silences – Poetry by Rebekah

This weeks poem , “In Between the Silences”, is inspired by the one word prompt at Five Minute Friday, “Pause”. Friday Morning I woke with poetry in my head for some reason, and the words flowed from my pen like water from a sieve. Here is my 5 minute poem! In Between the Silences In the wee hours of morn, before the world is stirring much, before the sun has touched the land with golden fingers of light, before the first bird has sung her song- I awaken. Memories of the past knocking at the door of my mind, like a distant dream that almost never was. You were there, shining your love upon my wounded soul, like a comforting candle illuminating the dark. I was there, witnessing your glory, ‚Ķ Continue Reading

An Unlikely Bloom – Inspirational Poetry by Rebekah

flower blooming in concrete crack

My latest poem for the poetry book I am working on. Like most of my nature themed poetry, here we can draw on inspiration from beauty that blooms in unlikely places, knowing we too can bloom in less than perfect conditions. Bloom, and thrive even! Enjoy! xoxo, Rebekah   An Unlikely Bloom   It wasn’t in the garden It wasn’t with the rest, It didn’t grow in greenery, Conditions weren’t the best. It didn’t have much space to bloom It didn’t have much light, Just a concrete jungle A less than perfect site. It found a crack in which to bloom A ray of hope crept in, And seeped down deep into the dirt Stirring all within. A little seed began to sprout And grow out towards the light, It ‚Ķ Continue Reading

Symphony of Life – Inspired Poetry by Rebekah

It’s Five Minute Friday, which for my blog means poetry time! Today’s word is TURN. Let’s see what I can come up with in 5 minutes or so….     Symphony of Life   From February until first frost of Fall, Everything has its turn. First the snowdrops, Then the Winter aconite- Little woodland flowers, Dotting the hills with hope. By March the crocus are coming purple, white, yellow, striped Miracle flowers are these- Pushing their way up through frigid snow. Soon to follow are the daffodils, hyacinth, hellebores And then we really know Spring is on its way. The tulips take their turn, Opening their bright faces to the sun- Standing tall, Dancing in the rain. Cue tiny buds on trees Quietly exploding into leaves and blossoms Adorning bare ‚Ķ Continue Reading

You Make a Difference! – Poetry by Rebekah

It’s poetry time again! It’s been so long since I’ve written and shared the poem of the week here (which I typically did on Friday). I had taken time away from it to work on my poetry book, but am thinking of returning to the Five Minute Friday community. I was inspired to to work on my poetry again by a sweet woman who recently read a poem of mine and left me the most wonderful comment that she had sent it to her 93 year old mother, some other people as well, and reads it herself every morning. I don’t think there is any better feeling in the world for a writer, than to know your words have touched someone in some way. This poem I wrote is a ‚Ķ Continue Reading

The Collective Heartbeat of Life – Poetry by Rebekah

Good Morning! It is time for a poetic 5 minute Friday (in which I attempt to write a poem on a single word in five minutes) ! ¬†I know it has been oh so long since I have posted these and I want to get back to it. ¬†I’m still working on my poetry books and need to keep some poems “secret” (unpublished in the world) for that, but I want to write some exclusive poetry just for my readers at the same time. ¬†Some Five Minute Friday’s I may just write on the word without my personal challenge of doing poetry in five minutes. ¬†Whether poetry or just sharing my thoughts on the word of the week, I’m bringing FMF back. ¬†Today’s word is ALONE and it is a ‚Ķ Continue Reading

Poetic Fridays – On Dreams and Publishing my Poetry

Hello Inspired Friends! ¬†It’s a snowy Friday evening (a poetic Friday in fact!) but by the time you receive this via email it will be Saturday morning. ¬†Poetic Friday’s are important to me (I mean poetry has been a big part of my life since elementary school AND has always been a major source of inspiration for me). ¬†I am going to be taking a break from posting MY new poetry during Five Minute Friday’s for awhile. ¬†I may still do Five Minute Friday’s here, but just write regularly on the word instead of poetry style. ¬†No worries for those that enjoy my poems though- I am not going to stop writing them! ¬†The thing is I am working pursuing my lifelong dream of publishing poetry books.   So here ‚Ķ Continue Reading

Inspired Poetry by Rebekah-An Abundance of Riches

the world is so full of a number of things

    It’s here! ¬†The latest poem I wrote for my inspirational poetry book. ¬†I know it’s not a poetic Friday, but since last Friday was Thanksgiving weekend, I am sharing this now. ¬†For those of you who don’t know, poetry has been a big part of my life since about the third grade. ¬†One of the poems I enjoyed in childhood was one from the book “A Child’s Garden of Verses” by Robert Louis Stevenson. ¬†Today’s poetry was inspired by the little poem “Happy Thought” that he wrote (as seen in the graphic image above).     An Abundance of Riches   When I see the discontent of the world, I have to wonder if there’s¬†a lack of noticing. Are we blind to the riches we possess, Because of ‚Ķ Continue Reading

Cell Phones-A Funny Poem About Technology and Modern Times

It’s Friday Night which means it is time for poetry in Five! ¬†The word this week is Patience¬†(note, I went to the FMF facebook page to get the word and I guess Patience was the Tuesday word, which I didn’t notice until now. ¬†I already wrote on Patience so, my apologies fellow FMFers for having the word wrong). ¬†My 5 min. ran out about halfway through the poem today, but I was having fun with it so I continued on. ¬†Hopefully my readers have a sense of humor and will laugh at this (I love making you guys smile!), because this week’s poem is meant to be funny, satirical and a bit hyperbole. ¬†I went the direction of relating patience¬†(or lack thereof) to the challenges of living in a modern ‚Ķ Continue Reading

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