The Collective Heartbeat of Life – Poetry by Rebekah

Good Morning! It is time for a poetic 5 minute Friday (in which I attempt to write a poem on a single word in five minutes) !  I know it has been oh so long since I have posted these and I want to get back to it.  I’m still working on my poetry books and need to keep some poems “secret” (unpublished in the world) for that, but I want to write some exclusive poetry just for my readers at the same time.  Some Five Minute Friday’s I may just write on the word without my personal challenge of doing poetry in five minutes.  Whether poetry or just sharing my thoughts on the word of the week, I’m bringing FMF back.  Today’s word is ALONE and it is a poem 🙂 .  In my last article I wrote about depression and one of my tips was to remember you are never alone.  This poem is a spin off of that.  Here we go:




 You Are Not Alone


You may think you are alone as you go throughout your day,

As you do your mundane chores,

As you make your way through the messiness of life.

The enemy may tell you that you are not good enough,

That no one likes you,

That no one else is going through these things you are going through,

That you are alone in your pain.


These lies are meant to keep you down.

They serve their purpose.

Making you feel hopeless,



Keeping you from God’s best

Keeping you from Truth

Keeping you from knowing the goodness,

that is freely yours.

Because darkness wants to bury light.

Darkness wants to sneak in and steal your joy.

Darkness wants to isolate you.

And if you buy in to this alone-ness;

Then its job is done.

Put your hand on your heart

and feel its beat.

It is the beat of a thousand hearts,

a million hearts,

a BILLION hearts-

Sharing this human experience with you.

It beats alongside a woman in Africa

mourning the loss of her child.

It beats alongside the neighbor down the street

who is feeling forgotten in his old age.

It beats alongside that lady in the hospital bed

who has just been diagnosed with a scary illness.

It beats alongside that man in the park

who has nowhere to go and nothing to eat.

It beats alongside the single parent

who doesn’t know how they can do it one more day-

on their own.

It beats alongside that girl who looks in the mirror

and can’t see her beauty,

because of what mass media has told her.

It beats alongside that other kid at school

who is being bullied too.

Because while we are all uniquely different,

we are all the same.

We have all experienced struggle.

We are not alone in our human-ness

We are not alone in our alone-ness.

Our joys, our triumphs, our sadness, our pain,

are what ties us all together-

As one.

Put your hand on your heart.

Feel its beat.

Do you feel that? —

The collective heartbeat of life?

Remember your brothers and sisters

As you go about your day.

Remember the God who breathes life into us all-

The Light from which we all came.

and you will be filled with the knowing

that you are never really alone.


© Rebekah Ann Stephenson 2015




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4 Responses to The Collective Heartbeat of Life – Poetry by Rebekah

  1. Jodi says:

    Beautiful!! Some brilliant thoughts to carry.

  2. Dara Tuell says:

    What a lovely poem. You certainly know how to make 5 minutes count!

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      For some reason this was one of those ones that came quickly. I guess it must be a topic I felt deeply in my heart. Thanks for reading it!