The Halloween Fairy Poem

I’ve written a fun little Halloween inspired piece for you today!  This is another addition to the children’s fairy poetry book I have decided to create.  If you ever have random weird stuff happen to you, or you feel like you must be on the show “Candid Camera” or something, it may just be that the Halloween Fairy is pranking you!  She mostly likes to prank around Halloween time, but she has been known to create mischief for people on other days as well (especially if she has had too much sugar :D)!


You may even relate to the little Halloween fairy a bit.  ;).  Believe it or not I do! I am really good most of the time, but I have been known to have a little glint of mischief (and the little smirk to go with it) in my eye as well.  Just ask my fiance Matt.  He gets a chuckle and says “uh oh” when he spots that look in me.  I have been known to take little bites out of something to “sample” it (not eating the whole thing) and someone will say “It looks like a little fairy or mouse has been here!”.   I have plotted little pranks to make people laugh, such as passing around a dish of “Bertie Bots Every Flavor Beans” (here is my affiliate link if you want to get some of these fun jelly beans too):

whilst unsuspecting family & friends eat a soap or dirt flavored jelly bean!  Or putting a roll of “un-tearable” fake toilet paper on the roll.


One Halloween in high school, I wore these Halloween socks that cackled like a witch and I made them go off in Geometry class.  I even had a black cat with orange eyes (my beloved Persian friend Tasha that passed on last October).  Maybe subconsciously this poem was a little homage to the inner jolly prankster in me. 🙂  Are you ready for it then?  It Rhymes!  It may even make you smile!  Here goes:



The Halloween Fairy :


Her wings are made of spider webs

Her hair is raven black,

She wears a dress of fallen leaves,

and carries a little sack.

Her shoes are made of pumpkin seeds

Her eyes are violet blue,

With a glint of mischief always there

and a bit of naughty too!

Sometimes she rides on a black cat’s back,

Sometimes in a pumpkin coach,

Driven by a flock of bats-

to more easily encroach.

You see, this mischief making sprite

She likes the TRICK of Treat,

She sneaks and snickers to herself

as she plans her Halloween feat.

If you’ve ever see rolls of toilet paper

Hanging from the trees,

Or a pumpkin smashed, or a car that’s egged

Or you can’t seem to find your keys,

Or it seems as if your Halloween candy

has suddenly disappeared,

The writing is on the wall dear friends-

“The Halloween Fairy has been here.”

The End.

© Rebekah Ann Stephenson 2013


Indeed she has folks (says I with a twinkle in my eye).  So if your house gets toilet papered tonight…you will know who to blame it on  😉 .

  So I have some questions for you, and would love it if you would join in on the Halloween fun here and answer!

1.  If you celebrate Halloween, what costume are you or your children/grandchildren wearing?  If you dress your pets up, I would love to hear about that too!

2.  What kind of candy would I get if I came trick or treating to your house tonight? 

3.  Do you relate at all to the “Halloween Fairy” character here?  Have you ever played a prank before?


~ Answer if you dare!  dun dun DUN!  (insert spooky music).

Have fun today whatever you are doing, Rebekah

Trick or Treat Silly Cat Graphic

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2 Responses to The Halloween Fairy Poem

  1. Becky Firesmith says:

    Thanks so much for writing this very cute fairy poem, Bekah! I really had fun reading it and I can’t wait til your book comes out!! Happy Halloween!!

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      You’re welcome! I can’t wait until the day these things are in physical print form either!