Classy Christmas Decor-My Snowy Owl Tree Topper

It’s time to come on in to the cozy cottage and see some Christmas decor!  Last year was my first Christmas as a home owner with my very own “grown up” tree.  We live near the woods and I wanted to create an Enchanted Woodland Christmas theme in the upstairs living room.  I saw these cool white snowy owl tree toppers at the Pottery Barn but they were out of my budget.  As luck would have it, I was able to find the same owl for a WAY cheaper price at another store!!  AND, even luckier yet I was able to get my owl tree topper FREE.  I will explain how you can get a faux Pottery Barn snowy owl tree topper for next to nothing (or free depending on the scenario) in this post!



First I want to show a comparison of the Pottery Barn snowy owl tree topper (which you can’t even get anymore unless you pay a hefty price on ebay) and my pottery barn knock off owl topper.  They may not be the same brand, but they look alike to me!


Pottery Barn Owl:

pottery barn tree topper



My Owl :

snowy owl tree topper



snowy owl Christmas tree topper2



snowy owl tree topper detail



When you look at the detail on the 3 pictures of my owl, comparing it to the Pottery Barn owl, you can see they are designed the same.  They each have a rustic coil base with the feet, and they each have the different textures of the fluffy white polyester type material with the “feathers” having the same color effect and strings making up the feathers on the chest and back.  The only difference I can tell is that the Pottery Barn owl uses real wood shavings for the wing feathers (where as cardboard is the wing material on my owl) and might be a little fatter.  Really though, You can’t tell the difference when it is up high on the tree!



Where did I get my snowy owl tree topper and HOW did I get it FREE?


I got mine online at Kmart!  Click HERE to get yours.  Kmart and Sears are together on the web, and I bought my Christmas tree from Sears, and found the owl at Kmart.  You can add items to your cart from both stores and just do one checkout.  The reason I got my owl totally Free is that I joined Kmart’s “ShopYourWay Max” Program.  I will write a detailed post on how to use the program later in the week.  You basically get points when you shop that you can redeem for Free stuff.  I had enough points from getting my tree, that I was able to get the topper 100% Free!  Even if you can’t get your owl totally free like I did, they are only $11.24 right now (normally $24.99).  When you sign up for the SYW program , they give you $5 in points.  That means you could get this owl for $6.24!   (And p.s. , they have fast FREE shipping so you can still get yours in time for Christmas if you like).

The pottery barn owls are currently going for $55-100 on Ebay.



These make a great tree topper if you are going for any of the following Christmas decor themes:

  • Rustic/Country
  • Nature
  • Woodland
  • Shabby Chic
  • Winter Wonderland (using a lot of whites in your tree decor)
  • or if you or the kids are Harry Potter fans and you want a magical “Hedwig” perched atop your tree.  (raising my hand here :D)


Rustic Chic decor is a popular trend right now.  As for myself, I got this tree topper for several of the reasons listed above.  My upstairs living room decor for Christmas is all about bringing elements from nature in.  I have this whole magical snowy forest thing going on with sparkle, glitz and glam worked in.  I will be sharing my full tree and living room decor ideas in future posts.


On a side note, if white is not your thing and you are going rustic with earth tones, Kmart also has a brown owl tree topper:

Brown Owl Tree Topper


Kmart has several owl tree toppers.  Just go to and type owl tree topper in the search.

Check back soon for more details on how to get free/discounted things, where I got my tree and decor, etc.


Until next time-keep doing things that bring you joy and inspiration!,


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    This is great. Thanks so much for posting!

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