Inspired Poetry by Rebekah-An Abundance of Riches

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It’s here!  The latest poem I wrote for my inspirational poetry book.  I know it’s not a poetic Friday, but since last Friday was Thanksgiving weekend, I am sharing this now.  For those of you who don’t know, poetry has been a big part of my life since about the third grade.  One of the poems I enjoyed in childhood was one from the book “A Child’s Garden of Verses” by Robert Louis Stevenson.  Today’s poetry was inspired by the little poem “Happy Thought” that he wrote (as seen in the graphic image above).



An Abundance of Riches


When I see the discontent of the world,

I have to wonder if there’s a lack of noticing.

Are we blind to the riches we possess,

Because of a poverty of the soul?

Do we focus more on the lack than the abundance?

For if we’d open our eyes and our hearts

We’d truly SEE-

That we are all kings and queens-

descendants of royalty.

For who can be poor with the shelter of trees

and plush carpets of earth on which to lie?

Does a pauper wake each morn to a symphony of birds

Playing joy-filled melodious tunes in sync with the rising sun?

Or lulled to sleep each eve by a choir of crickets and tree frogs?

Does a poor man have a personal painter

Whose brush strokes color the sky each and every day,

So that he never tires of his view?

From early morning dappled gray,

to light, and bright, and blues–

Melting down to pinks, red and orange

As India Ink claims the night,

and the Artist flings stars and moon into the sky for our enchantment.

Who can be considered poor with fine fragrances of flowers-

Every kind you can imagine,

Dotting forest, field, and garden-

Gracious gifts giv’n for our choosing.

Nay, I am not a poor man, nor are you.

There is no discontent to find,

With the noticing-

Of all we are and all we have been giv’n.

We who live in royal courts of beauty,

Our glimpse of heaven here on earth.


© Rebekah Ann Stephenson 2014



NEW!!  I keep forgetting to mention I have Radio Podcasts now where you can hear me reading the poetry , along with a few extra thoughts and words of encouragement.  Just play the audio clip below (or if you can’t see it click HERE).

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