The Collective Heartbeat of Life – Poetry by Rebekah

Good Morning! It is time for a poetic 5 minute Friday (in which I attempt to write a poem on a single word in five minutes) !  I know it has been oh so long since I have posted these and I want to get back to it.  I’m still working on my poetry books and need to keep some poems “secret” (unpublished in the world) for that, but I want to write some exclusive poetry just for my readers at the same time.  Some Five Minute Friday’s I may just write on the word without my personal challenge of doing poetry in five minutes.  Whether poetry or just sharing my thoughts on the word of the week, I’m bringing FMF back.  Today’s word is ALONE and it is a … Continue Reading

Inspired Poetry by Rebekah-An Abundance of Riches

the world is so full of a number of things

    It’s here!  The latest poem I wrote for my inspirational poetry book.  I know it’s not a poetic Friday, but since last Friday was Thanksgiving weekend, I am sharing this now.  For those of you who don’t know, poetry has been a big part of my life since about the third grade.  One of the poems I enjoyed in childhood was one from the book “A Child’s Garden of Verses” by Robert Louis Stevenson.  Today’s poetry was inspired by the little poem “Happy Thought” that he wrote (as seen in the graphic image above).     An Abundance of Riches   When I see the discontent of the world, I have to wonder if there’s a lack of noticing. Are we blind to the riches we possess, Because of … Continue Reading

Home- a Poetic Rhyme for Five Minute Friday

Home by

It’s time for another Five Minute Friday, where I try my best to create inspirational poetry in five minutes with whatever the word of the day is.  Today’s word is: HOME and for the first time ever I was able to write a rhyming poem in five minutes.  I find rhymes in five hard, because the rhyming slows me down.  Hopefully this poem will make beautiful sense to you, as you know how it is supposed to go with five min. Friday- you write whatever comes to mind (not over thinking it).  It is interesting to see what comes out!     Go Home Though I may wander far from youth, I hope to not forget my way. For all I know of home is Truth, ‘Tis where I know my … Continue Reading

A Love Song for Spring- Five Minute Poetry

The Flowers Appear on the Earth

Today’s Five Minute Friday word challenge is on the word Beloved.  I did something a little different today.  Because I have a personal goal of writing poetry again, I use my 5 minutes to write a poem once a week, on these Fridays.  However, today’s word instantly made a memory come to mind.  What I did was get that memory out and write for 5 minutes (or maybe slightly under), and then with the memory I wrote on, a poem was inspired.  I took another 5 to write the poem.  So, you will actually see 2 Five Minute Fridays in one today.  A memory followed by my poem.  Linked at Lisa Jo’s here.   Go The word beloved immediately takes me back to when I was in the high school … Continue Reading

“Soul-full Seasons” -Series on Change Pt. 3 (Five Min. Friday)

Today’s 5 min. Friday goes with my current Series on “Change” that I am doing for Fall (I think you will really like it).  If you are a newer visitor to my blog and want to read more from that series , please click HERE to read “Change-Embrace, Resist or Avoid?, and HERE to read Part 2 called “A Little Faith Goes a Long Way”.   So for today’s 5 minutes , the word we had to write on was “Stay”.  The rules are that we must let it freely flow out without over thinking or back tracking, and then we visit the person who wrote before us and leave them a comment 🙂  Go Soul-Full Seasons My soul was born in the Spring- With the tiny buds emerging from the … Continue Reading

Quiet that illuminates-Inspirational 5 Minute Friday

It’s 5 Minute Friday!  The rules are that you have to write something that comes to mind with the word prompt given for 5 minutes straight without over thinking and back tracking.  The other really important rule is that us bloggers visit other writers to read what they wrote and leave a comment-especially the one that posted right before us.   It’s what community is all about!  This week the timer ran out before the last 4 little lines were written.  So I went just a teensy bit over to complete the poem so that it wasn’t unfinished.  I figured you all would let it slide this time 😉   Today’s word was “Quiet”: Quiet In the stillness of the night I sit here writing. The house is quiet. The … Continue Reading

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