Quiet that illuminates-Inspirational 5 Minute Friday

It’s 5 Minute Friday!  The rules are that you have to write something that comes to mind with the word prompt given for 5 minutes straight without over thinking and back tracking.  The other really important rule is that us bloggers visit other writers to read what they wrote and leave a comment-especially the one that posted right before us.   It’s what community is all about!  This week the timer ran out before the last 4 little lines were written.  So I went just a teensy bit over to complete the poem so that it wasn’t unfinished.  I figured you all would let it slide this time 😉


Today’s word was “Quiet”:


In the stillness of the night

I sit here writing.

The house is quiet.

The room is dark

except for the light of my laptop and sometimes a tiny lamp.

And then of course there is the twinkling of the stars

and a bit of moon-

Shining in through the window

illuminating the corner where I sit.

Illuminating me.

And then I think of words,

and how they illuminate the pages on which they lie.

They illuminate the blog pages online

of all the voices out there

that are also writing.

This activity that we all do together

on these glorious Fridays.

And I smile as I think of all the other minds out there



Maybe also surrounded by quiet.

With only the clickety clack of the keys as we type-




Words that Illuminate faces-

spreading smiles..

Words that illuminate the heart

with joy.

Life Giving Words

That illuminate the dark.

Shedding light,

Illuminating Souls…

And in the stillness I feel a kinship.

And the quiet is filled,

As the moon shines down.

Illuminating me

Illuminating you-

As we sit here together

in this big, small world.

©Rebekah Ann Stephenson 2012


linked @ Lisa Jo’s Five Minute Fridays

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