Cat Nap Time-Adorable Photos of My Kitties Sleeping

Need a break from your day?  One of the cozy little things that relaxes me is watching my cats nap.   I am sharing several photos of cozy little cat nap scenes from around my home today.  Fluffy (the smaller, fluffier one of the two) and Mickey (Fluffy’s baby, who is larger than her tiny Mama!) are our two cats pictured below.   I rescued Fluffy just 2 years ago when she was a pregnant feral kitty who had just gone in to labor.  She and her (big) child are a very tight knit family and they sleep together every night, nap together, and well…do most everything together!  They also like to curl up with me to take naps and sleep with Matt at the foot of the bed at … Continue Reading

The Cat That Got Caught Yellow Handed

cat paw

There was a “who done it” mystery to solve last week.   A formerly beautiful table set with a fresh arrangement of Flowers from the garden.   Happy white daisies with bright yellow centers from Mom’s garden, and red Asiatic lily’s from mine.   A mess of flowers strewn everywhere and water spilled all over the table from the overturned vase.   It wasn’t TOO hard to figure out “who done it” , as it obviously wasn’t one of we humans that reside here, so unless we have a poltergeist (doubtful), we knew it must be one of the cats.  but which one?   Was it Rusty , “The Cat That Came to Dinner” (click the title for that hilarious story), who often sits at the dining table like the … Continue Reading

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