The Cat That Got Caught Yellow Handed

There was a “who done it” mystery to solve last week.


A formerly beautiful table set with a fresh arrangement of Flowers from the garden.


Happy white daisies with bright yellow centers from Mom’s garden,

and red Asiatic lily’s from mine.


A mess of flowers strewn everywhere and water spilled all over the table from the overturned vase.


It wasn’t TOO hard to figure out “who done it” , as it obviously wasn’t one of we humans that reside here, so unless we have a poltergeist (doubtful), we knew it must be one of the cats.  but which one?


Was it Rusty , “The Cat That Came to Dinner” (click the title for that hilarious story), who often sits at the dining table like the human he thinks he is?


Was it Rosie (the other tabby) who likes to watch the jewelry channel on TV?


Or Tangerine… the formerly feral calico that enjoyed her First Christmas Tree with us last year (click on the Christmas Tree to see those photos/story) ?



cat paw


EVIDENCE!!  The Culprit got caught “yellow handed”.


Tangerine Covered in Pollen


It was Tangerine.  If you guessed right, you have my permission to eat a cookie :D.  She was covered in yellow pollen on her paw, her face, and the one side of her neck.


Tangerine the Cat


However, who can scold a face like that?  ( I only had a cell with me for a camera, so please excuse the low photo quality).  Mostly we ended up giggling.  She is always doing something entertaining!



Does your pet have an obsession with flowers like ours does?  We can’t even keep flowers in a vase on the table.  It is pretty well pointless with Tangerine in the house.


Tangerine wasn’t the only one who got caught wearing yellow last week though.  I also have a penchant for flowers and had bent to whiff in the delightful aroma of an especially fragrant lily (large and white with lots of yellow pollen down inside).


Matt pointed out to me that I had something stuck to my lip and when I wiped my mouth with a napkin , the napkin turned yellow.


I got a bit stumped on that one, as I don’t wear yellow lipstick you know!  (I mean yellow awful would that look!?).  It took me awhile to come to the conclusion that I too got pollen on my face while stopping to smell the flowers.  At least in my case I didn’t munch on them!


I guess Tangerine and I have a little something in common….


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