The Cat That Came to Dinner


Over the years we have had all kinds of dinner guests, but lately there is this one guy who is quite hairy.


He started out as a party crasher at birthday dinners & other celebrations only (he knows how to work a crowd), and now he has decided to become a permanent fixture.  I can’t decide if he’s rude or polite- horning in on meals without an invitation.  That is the rude part.  But then again- he DOES sit there ever so quietly-acting all calm and patient.  Plus- he never says a word.  Who can argue with that? I decided it was fruitless to resist him since he is not a quitter anyways.  “So what if he is the hairiest guy I have ever eaten dinner with?”  I asked myself.  “He is kind of cute.”  And that was how he won me over with his charm.  The rest is history.


Would you like to meet this hairy guy?



Here he is at my Birthday Party this year...

Here he is at my Birthday Party this year…  (p.s. this image is watermarked because it is one of my card designs.  It will be available in my future store on here, so if you would like a print or card-please let me know!)



The cat that came to dinner


Cats at the Dinner Table

Here he is at Dinner again!


Those last 2 photos were taken with my cell phone , so they are not very large and clear.  Sometimes all you have is a cell phone cam near by for these moments!



He now has to have his own chair (for if he doesn’t the cheeky fellow will sit on my lap during meal time!).  So, he is now a welcome and always invited guest for meals (I hear he even must have breakfast at the table).  I must say his table manners are quite good considering his “animal” nature (ha!) ;).  He always sits patiently in the chair and only eats if a morsel of food or a plate is presented to him.


We are thinking of getting him a high chair!  I think he would rather enjoy eating “fancy feast” at meal time with the rest of us.  I have a hunch he will not like the high chair though.  Hairy as he is (and quite the party animal I hear…) , he is still a bit dignified and I bet will prefer the regular chairs that the rest of us use.  If he does get said high chair, you can bet your bottom dollar pictures will pop up here at We Live Inspired!  



So my friends, who sits at YOUR dinner table ?  Do you ever have any unexpected guests for dinner?


~Make life magical & whimsical (it’s more fun that way 😉 )! ~Rebekah

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