The Cat That Came to Dinner

  Over the years we have had all kinds of dinner guests, but lately there is this one guy who is quite hairy.   He started out as a party crasher at birthday dinners & other celebrations only (he knows how to work a crowd), and now he has decided to become a permanent fixture.  I can’t decide if he’s rude or polite- horning in on meals without an invitation.  That is the rude part.  But then again- he DOES sit there ever so quietly-acting all calm and patient.  Plus- he never says a word.  Who can argue with that? I decided it was fruitless to resist him since he is not a quitter anyways.  “So what if he is the hairiest guy I have ever eaten dinner with?”  I … Continue Reading

Cats in the Snow (How the Colony Survived Winter) Photos & Video!

Feral Cat Playing in the Snow

It’s (sort of) Wordless Wednesday (where I keep any writing simple).  I am sharing some photos and 1 video update of the feral cat colony for those of you who have been following their story.  The photos/video show just a few of the remaining feral cats that are comfortable with me now.  Since last Summer several have been adopted.  Those that were not used to contact with me before Winter hit, must be taking up shelter.  I have not seen a lot of them roaming as I did in warmer weather (there were around 30 cats roaming the neighborhood at the end of Summer 2012). I don’t know how the others fared , but I am happy to say that the regulars I work with have made it through their … Continue Reading

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