The Cat That Came to Dinner

  Over the years we have had all kinds of dinner guests, but lately there is this one guy who is quite hairy.   He started out as a party crasher at birthday dinners & other celebrations only (he knows how to work a crowd), and now he has decided to become a permanent fixture.  I can’t decide if he’s rude or polite- horning in on meals without an invitation.  That is the rude part.  But then again- he DOES sit there ever so quietly-acting all calm and patient.  Plus- he never says a word.  Who can argue with that? I decided it was fruitless to resist him since he is not a quitter anyways.  “So what if he is the hairiest guy I have ever eaten dinner with?”  I … Continue Reading

A Not So Inspiring Cat Caper

  So today WAS the day I was supposed to submit the results of what happened during my week long “Praise Project” experiment.  I say WAS, because the cat had other plans.  I do my blog posting at night, because that is typically when I have the most quiet time to write.  So I worked really hard and had this perfectly written draft that I was just wrapping up (writing the last lines too) and Boom!  The seemingly sleeping kitty suddenly decides to wake up , step on my keyboard, and delete the whole project!  Then he runs off like nothing happened.   AARGHHH.  The only thing inspiring about that (and it’s a stretch) , is the irony of the fact that I had written this whole post on being positive … Continue Reading

Meet Pumpkin! Feral Cat of the Week Part 2

It’s time for Part 2 to the story of Pumpkin, who is our feral cat of the week.  If you missed part one and want some cute pictures and an introduction to her, please click HERE   When I first met Pumpkin she was very skinny. Many of the feral cats in this colony looked like they were starving.  As I mentioned in Part 1 of the story, I have some funny things to share and one tragic one.  I want to end on a pleasant note, so I will start with the tragedy.   I didn’t know it at the time, but when Pumpkin came to me this Spring, she was already pregnant.  You couldn’t tell because she was so skinny.  Once she started getting used to me and … Continue Reading

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