The Cat That Came to Dinner

  Over the years we have had all kinds of dinner guests, but lately there is this one guy who is quite hairy.   He started out as a party crasher at birthday dinners & other celebrations only (he knows how to work a crowd), and now he has decided to become a permanent fixture.  I can’t decide if he’s rude or polite- horning in on meals without an invitation.  That is the rude part.  But then again- he DOES sit there ever so quietly-acting all calm and patient.  Plus- he never says a word.  Who can argue with that? I decided it was fruitless to resist him since he is not a quitter anyways.  “So what if he is the hairiest guy I have ever eaten dinner with?”  I … Continue Reading

The Cat That Wanted To Party- A True (Funny) Story

Funny Cat

Did you all have a good weekend?  I had a rather sleepless one myself.  Aside from the fact that I have been struggling with insomnia worse again lately (Gah!), I was forced to deal with the Cat that wouldn’t sleep , but instead wanted to “Party”.  Let me explain it to you Dr. Seuss style…   Around 3:30 am on a Saturday Morn I laid there (not sleeping) much to my scorn My head was a pounding, a sinus headache The wind was a whistling, a loud sound it did make! I tried to get comfy, but my head said “No way!” So I got up for some Tylenol, to keep pain at bay. I hunkered back in , it was about Four But I was finally warm and sleepy-ready … Continue Reading

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