The Cat That Wanted To Party- A True (Funny) Story

Did you all have a good weekend?  I had a rather sleepless one myself.  Aside from the fact that I have been struggling with insomnia worse again lately (Gah!), I was forced to deal with the Cat that wouldn’t sleep , but instead wanted to “Party”.  Let me explain it to you Dr. Seuss style…


Around 3:30 am on a Saturday Morn

I laid there (not sleeping) much to my scorn

My head was a pounding, a sinus headache

The wind was a whistling, a loud sound it did make!

I tried to get comfy, but my head said “No way!”

So I got up for some Tylenol, to keep pain at bay.

I hunkered back in , it was about Four

But I was finally warm and sleepy-ready to snore.

But oh no, the cat-she had other plans

She started in with her high pitched demands.

She found one of her toys and smacked that around

And then jumped on the bed with a leap and a bound.

She went to the window and pulled back the blinds

As I shouted “No!” , you’re out of your furry little mind!

Go back to sleep and let me rest-

You adorable , yet annoying ,little pest 🙂

And just when I thought she had went back to bed

She had turned on the light right next to my head!

So now there I lay with a light in my face

Unable to reach the “tap it off” base.

I had to move from my comfy spot

to turn that light off , but it was all for naught.

About 10 minutes later, as I started to drift,

The light came on brighter-I was a bit miffed.

That cat now knew how to tap on that light!

It was as if she was saying “Let’s Party all Night!”

“Wake up silly human, I want to play

What do you need sleep for, anyway?”

She had tapped that light on to its brightest state

Meanwhile I am thinking, “O , this is just great!”

And you know what I did next (at this you will smirk)-

I said “Hey Cat-turn off the light!” (like it would actually work)

But of course she refused, so it was up to me

To yet again turn off the light, Just out of my reach.

Another several minutes went by and She did it again

“So you thought you would sleep, eh? But I’ll tell you when!” (said the cat)

off….on……ON!!!….ON!!!! ON!!!!

This is how the “night” went, until it was dawn.

And so the moral of this story is (if you have a cat)

Throw out the touch lamps, and do it, like STAT!!!


Funny Cat


I am afraid this is a true story , that I wrote rhyme style for you for humor’s sake.  It really was quite annoying, but then again , it was hard not to see the humor in it!  A cat that keeps turning on a tap light..but yet won’t turn it off..only on 3 different shades of bright, but never OFF.  :D.


Do you have a pet story to share of a pet that has kept you up all night? If so, leave it in the comments or reply via email , as I would love to hear it!


Here’s to laughing at Life’s annoyances!



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