Five Minute Friday Poem-And So I Begin Again…

It’s Five Minute Friday and Today’s Word is “AGAIN“.  Here I go (free verse poetry style) 



And So I Begin Again…

 (First stanza)

Sometimes in life everything crashes down around you

Like a once solid structure built up from the ground

Having seen better days and having much wear

That comes crumbling down brick by brick

or board by board.

But things can be rebuilt.

As it is with life, we go through these periods of undoing

or breaking down.

It is in those moments that we are making way for something new to be reborn.

Like the phoenix rising out of the ashes,

Everything has its time.

Things run their course.

When we get to that “turning to ashes” point,

We may lie there in the rubble for a bit.

We may not know what to do next or how to rise up out of the mess.

But we know in the rubble we cannot stay..

And so we begin again.


Stop  (this is where my five minutes was up, but I continued to write and finish the free verse poem, as I felt something stirring in my soul that needed to be let out 😉 )  So keep reading for more inspiration on today’s word!


(Second stanza)

I have been here recently…

Seeing the decomposition of a few dreams,

the backward slide in things.

After years of being on an incline.

Feeling discouraged, too tired, and stuck in the rubble-

Even Alone…

(as it can go with our life journeys at times-there are spots on the path where we must walk alone).

Soul searching , asking myself,  “Where is the inspiration in all of this?”

And then I remembered.

I have been here before.

Before the last time everything came undone,

And I had to reinvent myself.

(I feel one re-invents themselves at some point in every new decade of their life)

I look back on the journey,

All the ways I chose to live inspired 

Creating Beautiful things out of the muck

Rising out of the ashes,

Slowly but surely.

Towards abundance,

New Dream realizations,

New Adventures,

New people brought in to my life,

New found joys.

Connecting more with Spirit

Experiencing Growth.

With a deeper understanding ,

A higher compassion ,

For others and for myself,

And most notedly more gratitude-

The ability to appreciate EVERYTHING!

For it is in the absence of things,

that we Gain the ability to not take things for granted.

The ability to have eyes wide open to the little things that others miss

and to experience the world around us with sheer delight.

And we are richer for it.

And so it is with inspiration that I put on my boots,

Gather up the hem of my favorite “hippie” skirt,

Whisper a prayer to the One who Makes all things New,

And go boldly where this girl has gone before 🙂

…And so I begin again.


Lily of the valley


poem & image by Rebekah @ “We Live Inspired!”  


Questions for you to think about:  Where are you at in your life right now?  What will you (or have you done) with your pile of rubble?  Feel free to chat with me about this by responding via email, on our Facebook page, or in the comments below if you are so inclined.


One last thought:  Life is a series of “beginning again”.  It is always the start that stops us.  Sometimes it can be hard to take that first step (with anything) to begin again, but once we take the first step and get the ball rolling, it gets easier to keep up.  The start is always the hardest part!



Five Minute Friday

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