How I Shop Green on a Budget and Get Freebies-Plus a Giveaway


Today my friend Kendra has asked me to write a guest post over on her site on how her and I shop Green on a budget and get Free green products.  We basically shop with a healthy “Green” wholesale store (much like a Sam’s Club or Costco) and that is actually how Kendra ( who blogs over at A Proverbs 31 Wife) and I know each other outside of blogging!  Most of the helpful info I am sharing today will be over at her site, but here are a few quick perks that we and our families get every month when we shop (I am also doing a giveaway of free stuff for you guys, so keep reading for more on that) :


  • Wholesale prices of up to 40% off retail
  • $100 in FREE products when we first started shopping “Green”
  • Continued FREE products ongoing (you get 10% back on what you spend every month to redeem more free products!)
  • Monthly web only specials , occasional buy 1 get 1 free products, monthly coupons where you can get certain products at even larger discounts, and more
  • Money back when we shop online at a large variety of other stores (they mail rebate checks to you)

Those are the main ones, but there are more perks for shopping here that you can’t get at Costco or any regular grocery store like Cash Back when you buy/sell a house (My fiance and I will be using this free benefit to get several hundred dollars back when we get our first home), savings when you buy a car, and you can also get everyday services like dish network, phone plans, cell phone plans, etc. at discounted prices.  What is cool about the everyday services thing is that 10% of your bill goes back to you in a sort of rebate account where you can use can use that money to redeem MORE free green products, food items, etc. to stretch the budget even further.


which brings me to another tip on how I make the most of my budget-

I am able to get some Christmas gifts/stocking stuffers, and even birthday gifts for people for free!

Since you get money back every single time you shop for your household items you need, or any services you have, and those dollars you get never expire, you can let them grow in your shopping account and then redeem them whenever you want for free gifts.



As for the free giveaway!  I am giving away a full size bag of Delectables Gourmet Hot Cocoa (Rich Milk Chocolate flavor) and it’s actually a healthy cocoa that is Gluten free and is a good source of protein and fiber (but tastes super yummy), a purse size of an amazing lotion that helps with all sorts of skin issues, and a couple of other surprise healthy samples.


To enter the giveaway , read more about how we go green on a budget (price samples included), what types of cool green products we use (and how they help us), etc. Please click HERE to head on over to A Proverbs 31 Wife blog!


Shop Green on a Budget


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