Cats in the Snow (How the Colony Survived Winter) Photos & Video!

It’s (sort of) Wordless Wednesday (where I keep any writing simple).  I am sharing some photos and 1 video update of the feral cat colony for those of you who have been following their story.  The photos/video show just a few of the remaining feral cats that are comfortable with me now.  Since last Summer several have been adopted.  Those that were not used to contact with me before Winter hit, must be taking up shelter.  I have not seen a lot of them roaming as I did in warmer weather (there were around 30 cats roaming the neighborhood at the end of Summer 2012). I don’t know how the others fared , but I am happy to say that the regulars I work with have made it through their first Winter of low temps and snow!  If you need tips on how to help outdoor cats survive the winter, please watch the video towards the bottom of this article!  The video (from my youtube channel where I post lots of cat colony videos) will show the cat shelters we have and I talk a little about Winter care.

Colony Cats in Winter



Colony Cats in Snow

After a week or so of harsh temperatures (especially at night), wind, and snow, a few of the cats came out of their warm shelters to join me in enjoying a sunbeam.  Pictured here are two cats (ok, one is just a tail-haha!) trotting towards me.

Rosie and Pumpkin decided to sit near me on the front steps.  I think they have missed me sitting in the yard with them!  I am underneath the corner of that red blanket showing.  No matter the weather, many of them are pretty loyal to me and always happy to see a familiar face!




Feral Cat Playing in the Snow

I think Pumpkin may have Spring Fever!  She found some branches sticking out of the snow, and was running around pouncing on them and swatting them.


Here is a video I took of their feeding time during a particularly windy day.  You can see Rosie actually going in to her “house” and I took a little footage of what she looked like inside the shelter as well.  Only about 3 of them showed up for the video, but in case you ever wondered what Feral Cat Colony shelters look like, well- here is a little clip!: (if you can’t see the video, just click HERE to go to my YouTube channel)


I hope you enjoyed learning more about cat colonies and how they survive Winter.  If you want to follow the stories of these endearing little characters, just check out my YouTube channel and also the Cat-egory (pun intended! 😉 ) called “The Cat Colony” here at! (if you need help caring for cats in Winter, you can contact me, or find more info at

Stay inspired~Rebekah



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