Home- a Poetic Rhyme for Five Minute Friday

It’s time for another Five Minute Friday, where I try my best to create inspirational poetry in five minutes with whatever the word of the day is.  Today’s word is: HOME and for the first time ever I was able to write a rhyming poem in five minutes.  I find rhymes in five hard, because the rhyming slows me down.  Hopefully this poem will make beautiful sense to you, as you know how it is supposed to go with five min. Friday- you write whatever comes to mind (not over thinking it).  It is interesting to see what comes out!





Though I may wander far from youth,

I hope to not forget my way.

For all I know of home is Truth,

‘Tis where I know my heart shall stay.

‘Tis there my self at first was formed,

‘Tis there with trees and flowers grew.

A soul that flourished un-adorned,

and later, leaving, started new.

Ah, Home- a place that love I still,

where Hopes and Dreams and Wishes made-

Gave this humble heart a will,

to keep them going , lest they fade.



©Rebekah Ann Stephenson 2013


Home by weliveinspired.com


What do memories of Home mean to you?  Feel free to share here or on the Facebook Page.

~May you always be inspired, Rebekah

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