Choose to Be Extraordinary- A Five Min. Friday Poem

It’s Five Min. Friday , which means today I am bringing you a fresh poem of inspiration , written in 5 minutes.  Today the secret word of the day from Lisa-Jo was ORDINARY.   You will find the five minute poem and image below, but first I wanted to give you a back story so that the image will make sense to you.


My birthday was Feb. 27.  As some of you may know , my Winter has been pretty dull as I have been struggling with a vertigo issue and having trouble sleeping through the night as well.  Combine that with other factors of stress that have been going on behind the scenes, and well…it was looking like my birthday was going to be very ordinary at best.  In fact, I wasn’t even sure if I would be celebrating it much, given how I seem to not know from day to day what I will feel up to doing.  Funny though, how one small action can change the course of your day and make the ordinary , well- extraordinary!  That is where I got the inspiration for today’s poem.  My whole concept behind We Live Inspired is to show you how I make everyday life a little more interesting by the perspective I have (in hopes of inspiring you too).  


My birthday started out no different than most days this Winter.  I didn’t sleep well and was having a hard time getting around, but I ended up having a FABULOUS time.  We had a blizzard here in Michigan , and I got the urge to make a snowman.  Something I have not done since I was maybe 19.  Part of me said no, haven’t been up to it lately, but I decided to throw all of that out the window.  I ran outside and with gusto made an inspirational snow lady.  I didn’t do it half way- I got down on my hands and knees and rolled those balls across the yard.  I crafted her face with coal, a carrot and a cherry lifesaver mouth (no lady is complete without lipstick!)  I gave her my fabulous furry scarf.  The piece de resistance- I then crowned her with my snowflake tiara.  I decided to make it a little birthday ceremony to celebrate my life and move forward in to a fresh year of hopes and dreams.  Snow lady had a short little coronation, where I knighted her with a stick and dubbed her “Lady Snow Goddess of Womanhood”.


So by now you may think I am a giant dork, but the fiance helped and we had fun! (He was smiling the whole time).  It was pretty magical finishing her at moonlight with the quiet snow blowing all around us.  I was filled with invigoration and joy- and it made me feel like a kid again (in a good way).  What a good way to kick off my new year, and the rest of the night to follow was more fun as a result.  It is these little shifts in attitude-these little choices that can make our days.  When we choose to make the ordinary extraordinary, it also rubs off on those around us and brings the fun out in them too.   So on with the poem then!



Choose to be Extraordinary

We all have the ability to make the ordinary extraordinary.

We can take our days and mold them

Shape them,

Into whatever we want them to be.

Sure there are “ordinary” routines we must all carry out each day.

However, the power to be extraordinary lies within us.

It is a creative power we are all born with, but we somehow lose sight of

as we become “adults” and get caught up in the seriousness of life.

In our quest to be responsible and mature,

we often lose our child like sense of play.

Like a worn out violin with broken strings that has forgotten how to make beautiful music.

We don’t have to be ordinary {or broken and weary} though.

We can choose to be extraordinary.

Taking these mundane days

and sprinkling them with the magical dust of spontaneity and youthful joy.

It is all in how we perceive the world around us-

We can take any task, and see beyond the ordinary

as we view life through a poetic lens.

We can CREATE fun moments ,

as we go about routine.

We can shake up routine and listen to the deepest desires in our heart-

as we reconnect with our inner child-

That inner spirit of Fun

and Wonder,

and Laughter,

and Light.

Even if the extraordinary in you has been lying dormant for awhile now,

It is still there within your soul-

Just waiting to be called forth,

Like the presently buried buds of Spring.

©Rebekah Ann Stephenson 2013



Snow Lady

Snowman Wearing a Crown


How do you choose to make the ordinary extraordinary? 

~Stay inspired, Rebekah

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