Lost- a Poem and the Story of Amazing Grace

Five Minute Friday is here, and this week I am back to bringing you a rhyming poem in five!  Linking up a day late, as I was working hard on a project yesterday.  Today’s word is LOST.  This poem ended up evolving into using the sea and sailing as a metaphor for life.  I am excited to share it with you!  If you are in need of encouragement today because you are feeling lost or burdened by your troubles, I hope you will take comfort in these words.  I am including the powerful story of the spiritual song Amazing Grace as part of today’s story.



Feeling Lost




When you’ve wandered off the path

and don’t know where to turn,

When the waters are no longer calm

and the sun begins to burn-

When it feels as though all is lost

and troubles overwhelm,

Remember that you’re not alone

For God is at the helm.

There is no fear in being lost

With Him to steer your ship,

Your course is mapped, your life vest on-

So just enjoy the trip 🙂 .

Relax and let your life unfold

and trust that all is well,

For life at sea is sometimes rough,

As sailor’s often tell…

But then the tides will turn and dawn

Will start a brand new day,

What once was lost has now been found,

And you are on your way!


©Rebekah Ann Stephenson 2014

“I once was lost, but now am found.  Was blind but now I see.”



After writing this week’s poem, I thought of the lyrics to that old hymn most everyone has heard called “Amazing Grace”.  Such a powerful song with just 3 simple chords that I was able to sound out easily on my acoustic 6 string (which coincidentally is made by the brand Seagull..in keeping with the sea theme today 😉 ).  Many a time I have sung this song outdoors with my guitar under the inky blue evening sky.  I did not know the history of this song until recently.


Did you know that the man who wrote Amazing Grace, John Henry Newton, was an English sailor who at one point in his life was a captain of African slave ships?  He came to know God during his time at sea when he awoke one night during a terrible storm.  The ship was filling with water and sinking and John called out to God in the midst of the storm.  The cargo on the ship then shifted, stopping up the hole in the process and the boat drifted to safety.  John converted to Christianity after that spiritual experience at sea.


He ended up writing the famous words to the song Amazing Grace, and finally later in his life became part of the abolition movement in England to end slavery.  I found out about this story on accident once when I was listening to Whintley Phipps.  He tells the story of Amazing Grace better than I do, if you would like to listen to his powerful message and hear him sing this classic hymn in his unique way (which is quite filled with emotion as he speaks of slavery as it pertains to this song).  You can watch the video by clicking HERE, or seeing it directly on my website in this post.




Thank you for being on this journey with me as together “We Live Inspired”,


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14 Responses to Lost- a Poem and the Story of Amazing Grace

  1. Laura says:

    this poem is beautiful!!! Thank you…you have a tremendous gift of words.

    blessings for a smooth sailing weekend!

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      Aw shucks and a big thank you Laura <3! I am glad you enjoyed the poem and I am letting your encouraging words sink deep in to my being :). I hope you had an awesome Independence Day weekend!

  2. Kelli Moore says:

    “There is no fear in being lost
    With Him to steer your ship,”
    This is my favorite parts! We are going to get lost – but you are so right, if we are letting Him be in control – then there is no fear. This was a beautiful poem – and I’m not a poem kind of girl – normally. But your words easily brought images to my mind and calmed my already anxious heart. Thank you so much for sharing. Visiting from FMF. Blessings to you!

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      And the letting Him be in control can be hard to remember! I am so glad you enjoyed my poem, especially since you are not a poem-ish person :). Thank you for your kind comments and thoughts. I appreciate you sharing. I have had that anxious heart many a time myself , and I feel blessed to be able to have offered some calm to yours via this poem. God bless you <3

  3. Em says:

    I love the poem and the hymn as well- it is what I needed to hear today, feeling lost myself- remembering that God is at the helm is what keeps me steady!

    Visiting from five minute friday! I did my friday on saturday, but whatever!

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      I did my Friday on Saturday last week too Em :). I like how you said “but yeah whatever” haha. We can be a day late, right? Sorry you are going through a “lost” period ( I have been there big time before so I understand). I am glad my words were able to provide some needed comfort for you <3. Take care and Be blessed.

  4. jennifer says:

    thanks for stopping by my blog…and so glad I hopped over to yours! What a superb poem! I love it. Heartfelt and real. Truth in a time capsule!

  5. Helen says:

    Lovely poem. Thank you.

  6. Emma French says:

    Great poem and story. Amazing Grace is such a wonderful song! Pity we can’t sing it together over the net, but the time delay factor makes it a bit difficult! Some musical genius should write a song designed to sound great with harmonies, factoring in the delay – wouldn’t that be clever?!toxxxo

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      haha- that would be amusing Emma-and yes, very clever! :). Maybe in Skype there wouldn’t be a delay, although I am not 100% sure on that. I did tell Kat I was going to show her how to play guitar….this is an easy 3 chord songs that is great to teach beginners!

  7. Denise says:

    Loved your sweet poem, very reassuring and rings true.