A Summer Update from Rebekah

Hello inspired friends!  You may have noticed that it’s been a couple weeks since I last posted something here.  This Summer I have been finding myself up to my eyeballs in projects.  As busy as I have been though, I have also made time for PLAY and of course living inspired, which is pretty much a daily practice/way of life for me.  I thought it may be nice to write a sort of casual Summer letter to you all to keep you updated on the goings on my way!  In fact, I just added a diary style section to my blog/website called “Letters from Rebekah”, which will be under the cozy cottage tab on the website.  I thought this would be a nice, informal way to connect with all of you as I would when writing a traditional snail mail letter to a dear friend (which I still do by the way 🙂 ).



This June marked the 1 year anniversary of closing on our new (and very first) home.  I can’t believe a year flew by so quickly!!!  My home story reads like a serendipitous book, and at some point I would like to write a series on that.  Being a home owner has been such a wonderful, exciting experience!  At the same time I am realizing all of the work it takes to properly run a home on a nearly 3/4 acre lot with lots of flowers, plants, herb gardens , and fruit trees to tend.  I had pretty much zero experience as a gardener prior to this, so it has all been a grand learning adventure.



Part of the excitement of the first full year of having ones own home, is discovering just what kinds of flowers and plants will pop up throughout the year.  It feels like Christmas every time I go in the garden, as I never know what each new day will bring.  In fact, I am making a garden journal with photos and such to document it all.  In our first year, Matt and I did add a few things of our own to the pretty landscape- 3 hot pink knockout rose bushes and some mums in 2013.  This Summer I have planted my first annuals, purple-pink impatiens (which are spreading very nicely), several green bean plants, a tomato plant, and the rare find, heliotrope.



I am quite excited about the heliotrope, as I have read it has a gorgeous, unique fragrance that some say reminds them of cherry pie, others vanilla, and others say almond extract.  I can’t wait to find out!  They are growing tall (have tripled in size), but no flowers yet.  The green beans took off , but an animal came along and uprooted or chomped on them all.  I was able to eat 5 beans before this happened -HA!  One of the other delights I am patiently awaiting is for my Victorian scatter seed garden to bloom!  We had some empty planters in the front yard that I sprinkled these seeds in , and the greenery is quite tall at present, but no flowers yet.  It is a random mix of old fashioned flowers such as Sweet William and Wallflowers.  I have no clue what I am going to get.  I love surprises and so it is no wonder why I am finding a love for gardening!


I spend many hours a week weeding, pruning, planting, and harvesting in the yard.  The landscape was QUITE overgrown, and I am doing the whole job (minus mowing, which Matt does) myself.  I absolutely love it, but it is going to take me forever to restore this yard to its former glory.  Tonight I uncovered stepping stones and low stone walls surrounding the garden beds that were completely hidden by ivy, weeds, and vinca vine!  I can see where this beautifully wild yard must have been well landscaped and manicured at one time.  I will get there one day!  Did I mentioned gardening counts as my fitness routine?!  :D.  Whatever works!



In April I started a new business venture where I could use the mentoring and technical skills I have acquired over the years in my work at home wellness company livelihood, to expand and help more people.  I am really passionate about serving others, encouraging them, and helping them reach their goals or go for their dreams.  Aside from writing and creating, this is the work of my heart and I believe it is my life’s calling.  After wrapping up a fabulous writing course with best selling author SARK, I was encouraged to start teaching online workshops geared towards fellow creatives, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, and other dream chasers like myself :).  I have been blessed to meet many new friends and do rewarding work that makes my heart happy!


The workshops have evolved into a club, which just kicked off in July.  We meet every Wednesday night as a group via teleconference, and I also am doing private mentoring to help others on the side.  It has been a fun learning experience, with lots of things to do such as planning out my weekly lessons or topics, coming up with free gifts, games and surprises for people, and learning how to do more technical things.  I have a wonderful facilitator named Emma French (who lives in Australia-which is another cool thing about working online- connecting with people all over the world!) that I met in SARK’s program (she led many of SARK’s calls as well).  The people I have met are so wonderful.  Not only talented, but warm, loving and kind.


The other major thing in the works is planning my wedding!  It will be very small, but I want a larger, magical reception and nice bridal shower.  I will be writing more about my wedding journey in future posts, but for now I will summarize by saying that all the work I am doing this Summer has paid off!  I was able to get Matt a wedding band that I have had in my wish list for him since we got engaged, and I have found the perfect dress now too :).  More to come later…


In the midst of all this wonderful busy, I had an entire week of playtime last week!  Matt’s brother and his 3 children stayed at our house (a 2, 5, and 17 yr. old) and I fully immersed myself in the experience!  I did things I haven’t done since I was a child myself.  This includes hide n go seek, tag, and forts!  I have so many things to share and update you on and I think it will make you smile!


It has indeed been an inspired Summer so far.  You know, we really DO create our own lives & reality by what we choose to spend the most energy on.  This whole living inspired thing is really a matter of choosing joy and living in the moment as much as we can-and with gratitude too.

I hope you are having a beautiful Summer.  Sorry it has been so long since I have shared here!  Until next time, I would like to leave you with a photo from my garden.

With love,



white peony copyrighted image

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2 Responses to A Summer Update from Rebekah

  1. Lizzy says:

    That is a gorgeous flower!! (What is it, btw?) So lovely to catch up on all your ‘doings’.

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      Thank you! It is a white peony. This variety gets rather large :). Popping over your way now. It’s been too long…..