The Mess-A Funny Poem About Conquering Clutter

In case you were wondering what happened to last week’s Friday poem, I got extremely busy and so this is coming to you a bit late (sorry about that!).  The word of the week was MESS.  This is another one that may just go in the children’s poetry book I am writing, but it’s meant for adults too ;).  If you have ever seemed to lack time or energy to clean and have found yourself overwhelmed by the mess that ensued as a result, you may get a kick out of this one!



The Mess:


It started with a single sock

Flung on the floor without a care,

A towel here, a towel there-

and THEN a pair of underwear!


“The room looks fairly clean, I’d say!”

She thought as she climbed in to bed,

I’ll leave that for another day-

For now it’s time to rest my head.


The rooster crowed announcing Morn’

And up she got to start her day,

She flung her PJ’s on the floor,

To dress and dash outside to play!


Somehow the days flew by so fast,

To not enjoy them seemed a crime-

She’d say “oh well, it’s not that bad!”

Tomorrow I will find the time!


Tomorrow came.  Tomorrow went.

Tomorrow such a traitor be-

” I can not do it now”, she thought.

“My word, the clock says half past three!”


So on and on the story went

Until one day she looked around,

And saw a mountain 6 feet tall-

How would she Conquer such a mound?!!


And then a thought occurred to her-

“I will not fuss or stress or pout,

I shall be Queen of the mountain top

And rule “The Mess” from here on out!


Climbing up, she took a seat

Upon her throne (without a fear),

Put on her crown and then exclaimed-

“The view’s much better from up here!”


©Rebekah Ann Stephenson 2014


Mt. Messmore


Note: This poem was written in 5 minutes up until the part where the Mountain became 6 feet tall.  The last two lines (end of the poem) were written after the timer went off (I wanted to finish the story and bring it to some type of resolution).  


Can you relate to putting off a mess until it gets out of control?

I didn’t name the girl in the story…what do you think her name should be?


Remember not to take yourself TOO seriously when life gets “messy”,




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4 Responses to The Mess-A Funny Poem About Conquering Clutter

  1. Jen says:

    Rebekah –

    I love this! So creative & such a great perspective. So – here’s my question: Did you really write it in only 5 minutes? =)

    Jen at

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      Hi Jen! I am so glad you liked it :). To answer your question, I wrote most of this in 5 minutes. I have been writing poetry since I was in the 3rd grade, so I guess I am a seasoned poet by now (25 years of poetry..that makes me feel oldish!). By the time I was in high school I started writing it quite prolifically as a way to express my feelings on everything about life, love, nature, God, etc. Where some people kept diaries, I kept journals filled with poetry about whatever I was going through. When I became an adult I didn’t write much anymore, so when I created this website/blog, I decided to challenge myself to try to write poetry in 5 minutes on these FMF words.

      If you go back and look at the first ones I did, they didn’t rhyme. As time went on I added in the challenge of rhyming in five minutes. Usually once I get an idea in my head for a poem, the words come out very quickly and easily. I guess it is a quirky talent of mine ;). I also would read (and still do) tons of poetry books from childhood on up. I have always been able to write most poems pretty quickly, although the more I practice, the quality has improved (some of my high school poems are a little cheesy haha). With today’s poem it all came out in 5 minutes until the very end. After the mess became a mountain I got overwhelmed for my character (ha!) and I couldn’t figure out how she would bring this to resolution. I did get stuck this week on that end part, and so that is the part that ran over the time limit. Thanks for asking! On the rare occasion that I do run over, I usually put a note as to where the 5 minutes ran out. I totally forgot to do that in my excitement to get this posted! (going to do it now though 😉 ). Thanks for stopping and commenting Jen!

  2. Lizzy says:

    Rule the mess from atop the mountain, but no cleaning?? I think I could manage that! xx

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      HAHA! Yes! Well the inspiration behind it all is that although her mess got out of control, the mess does not control her. She rules the mess. So, she can sit up there on Mt. Messmore enjoying the view for now, but when she feels like it she can choose to clean the mess whenever she likes. :D.