Where I Belong – Poetry in Five and Some News for You!

The past two weeks I have been delinquent with my Friday poetry, so I have an especially lovely treat to make up for that today!  This treat comes along with news I have been meaning to share, but was waiting until everything was final before spilling the beans.  Today’s word Lisa Jo asked us to write on was the word BELONG.  I chose to write a rhyming poem about my garden!  So the big news is that after years of struggles, and then 2 years after being second in line for homes and a few disappointments, Matt and I have bought our first home!!


God has given me more than I could have ever imagined, and I have been so busy with it all.  SO much excitement and so much to do.  I was like a kid in a candy store.  So, THAT is why I have not been so good at keeping up with all of my online things this summer.  When your dreams come true this sort of thing can happen!  I will be sharing my home story on here and more than likely it will be in a few segments, as there are many things to tell and miracles to share.  It is sure to inspire! 🙂

So here was the poem I wrote in about 7 minutes today (ran about 2 over, as I got caught up in dreaming of my garden..oops!).  All photos included are from the new home (just a tiny taste today to go with the poem).

 Where I Belong:

With birds and butterflies and bees,

And lily’s white and flowering trees

And fruit on vines and berries ripe,

To pick and taste to my delight.

And herbs that grow so very tall-

The French Tarragon I love best of all.

Where lilacs bloom and and ivy grows,

Up trees and on the ground below.

Where honeysuckle smells divine,

and arbors are laden with trumpet vine.

With roses and jasmine and foxglove too-

Beneath a great expanse of blue.

Where chip the chipmunk under peonies hides,

and outside the porch room in a planter resides.

Where Mama Rabbit and her bunnies roam,

This is the place that I call home.

The colors , the scents , the sights and sounds

Where His blessings flow and love abounds.

Wrapped in the beauty of my garden’s song-

This is where I belong.

©Rebekah Ann Stephenson 2013 www.weliveinspired.com



What is your favorite comfy spot where you feel like you belong?  

Have an enchanting weekend! ~Rebekah

All images go with the poem I wrote above. You can click on a photo to make it bigger and see all of them in a large gallery style.

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