Cat Nap Time-Adorable Photos of My Kitties Sleeping

Need a break from your day?  One of the cozy little things that relaxes me is watching my cats nap.   I am sharing several photos of cozy little cat nap scenes from around my home today.  Fluffy (the smaller, fluffier one of the two) and Mickey (Fluffy’s baby, who is larger than her tiny Mama!) are our two cats pictured below.


I rescued Fluffy just 2 years ago when she was a pregnant feral kitty who had just gone in to labor.  She and her (big) child are a very tight knit family and they sleep together every night, nap together, and well…do most everything together!  They also like to curl up with me to take naps and sleep with Matt at the foot of the bed at night.  I get a kick out of them, because they frequently include me in their pre-nap grooming sessions.  Fluffy especially, tries to clean my ears and lick my eye lashes and eyebrows…just like she does to her baby Mickey!


There is something about napping with cats, or watching them nap, that brings about a sense of peace and serenity.  It is a form of mindfulness for me (almost like meditation), and keeps me in the present moment.  So , now on to the photos of my sleeping babies!


cats cuddled up together

Fluffy (the mother) is the little girl on the right, and Mickey is her 2 year old baby on the left.



cuddling kitties


Momma Fluffy still likes to wrap her arms around her baby and pull her close while sleeping. Mickey is much bigger than her now, so it is kind of funny!


cats sleeping


Yawn and stretch!  Mickey is getting ready for her nap…


cat yawn


Cuteness!  This was the two of them napping in the chair near the Christmas tree last year (2013).  It was their first Christmas (and ours too!) in the new home…


cozy kitties



cats napping at christmas


Their favorite room of the house is an enclosed porch room that I call the garden room.  There are floor to ceiling windows that overlook the garden & patio with lots of wildlife for them to watch.  Here they are taking a nap on a lazy, sunny afternoon with the breeze blowing in the screen doors.  You can’t see me in the photo, but I was napping on the couch with them (just to the left).


Cat Nap


The End :).

Do you ever give yourself time out for a “cat nap”?  It’s good to give ourselves permission for these things I think!  What is your favorite place to nap?  I am like the cats, as mine is the garden room too. 


Remember-part of living inspired is knowing when to rest.  Often times I feel more inspired after a nap ;). 

Until next time, much love xoxo Rebekah


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11 Responses to Cat Nap Time-Adorable Photos of My Kitties Sleeping

  1. kendra says:

    Too bad Minnie isn’t in those photos 🙁 I still haven’t taken my cat to get fixed, I need to but am a bit nervous.
    And I will agree with you, naps with cats are refreshing 🙂

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      I know Kendra….I think about that and tell Matt that often. That the third one is missing and the family isn’t quite complete. You can’t help but think f it when you watch them sleep together as one is missing from the cuddle fest. It is heart wrenching at times, and she would have loved our home. She is at rest in the garden under the Rose of Sharon, so that brings some comfort. It is supposedly a very very rare thing to have happen, but I am like you in that I never got Fluffy fixed yet. I am scared for 2 reasons- 1. in case it was some freak genetic thing, and 2. because I don’t trust our local vet office now with fixing them. I am waaaay too attached to Fluffy and I can never help but wonder if I hadn’t gotten Minnie fixed if she would still be with us. So, I am torn as to what to do. It is probably better for them to get fixed.

      Yes to cat naps! Thanks for leaving a comment <3

  2. Beautiful post. We love napping together!

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      Thanks Athena and Marie :). I just spent awhile on your websites. It is really cool that you write books and I relate to some of the things you had to say on your about page. I’ve always had a deep empathy for animals as well, and took up a feral cat colony cause a couple years ago. I have learned so much from my time working with them. Cheers! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Christy Paws says:

    Mom says she used to think of napping as wasting time, but as she is getting older, is is much easier!

  4. Christy Paws says:

    Mom says she used to think of napping as wasting time, but as she is getting older, it is much easier!

  5. Dara Tuell says:

    Awww! They are adorable. Cats really are the nap experts and seem to enjoy teaching us by their example.

  6. Emma French says:

    Gorgeous photos, Bekah! I would love to have a smoochy cat to cuddle up to, but unfortunately they make me itchy.
    I was recently visiting a friend with a big, fluffy, affectionate ginger cat, which was really nice, so I made the most of it while I was there. To counteract the itches I would have a shower or bath last thing at night and then not touch the cat again before bed. And by the way, I love the red velvety-looking chair the cats are lolling on in some of the photos too!
    Em xx

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      Oh, that is too bad. I’m glad they don’t make me itchy, as I can’t picture life without a little furry friend around. The red velvet chair came with the house. It is so comfy and my favorite chair as well :).