Are We Ever Really Ready? A Poem About Letting Go

For those of you who love my poetry and look forward to seeing what I concoct with the word of the day on these Five Minute Fridays-I’m sorry it’s been awhile!  For weeks I couldn’t find FMF and thought it was on a hiatus, but I just learned that it has moved to another website.  So, I have my word of the day.  Today’s word is READY.  A rhyming poem is what came out, as I thought to myself “Are We Ever Really Ready?”  Changes are not always easy, and with Fall coming quickly upon us, we must bend and change a little along with the seasons.  I hope you enjoy today’s inspiring poem!



Are We Ever Really Ready?


When is the butterfly ready to emerge from its cocoon?

Does Summer ever feel that Fall has taken stage too soon?

Does the child setting off to school to start a brand new year,

Forge ahead with sureness in his step, or glance back a bit in fear?


Does a mother ever feel prepared to watch her child grow?

And leave the safety of her arms, as onward he must go…

Do baby birds feel ready to spread their wings and fly?

Unsure if they will dive bomb down or shoot up towards the sky…


Does the flower feel ready for the frost, as it withers and fades away-

Is a tempest ever a welcome guest in the midst of a beautiful day?

Does life ever go at the speed we’d like, are we ever prepared for what’s next?

Do we keep it simple and go with the flow, or make things more complex?


What if all we have is this moment-each minute unto its own?

No fears of the past or the future, for one to the other can’t loan.

And in this moment ALL is well and it isn’t a moment too soon-

Letting go, we fly Free, and in doing we find

Ourselves singing a brand new tune!


© Rebekah Ann Stephenson


freedom quote


As I speak these words and make this quote and image, I speak these for myself too.  I don’t have it all figured out.  I have a lot figured out , but there is a long way to go yet.  God speaks these words to my heart and maybe , just maybe I will continue to get better and better at the letting go of that which no longer serves me.  Fear especially.  For truly all we have is this moment.  We are not who we were yesterday.  Each moment is new and therein lies the hope of it all.  We may just be more ready than we think!


Thank you for joining me on this path, as together “We Live Inspired!”



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