Gorgeous Sunset Photos Inspired by Tonight’s Caribbean Blue Sky

I thought I’d share a simple post from my world tonight.  It is mostly pictures.  Today was my parents anniversary and they invited me over for a little ice cream sundae party.  I was feeling quite tired tonight and was going to get a ride instead of walking, but I’m very glad I chose the walk instead.  The sun happened to just be setting as I took off:





I was walking down the street with a casserole dish of a fresh strawberry mango crisp dessert I had just baked , so I took these photos one handed with my cell phone haha.  Because of the houses and trees in the way I wasn’t able to quite capture the full effect of this gorgeous sunset.  There was a layer of orange, pink and yellow tinted clouds overhead (at the very top of the sky) :


orange clouds



Underneath this gorgeous tinted cloud canopy, the sky was streaked with interesting layers of different shades of blue and areas that looked like blue brushstrokes.  The blues were the most gorgeous shades!  There were these clear, crisp turquoise strips of sky running through it all.  It was like the color of a clear blue tropical sea.  In the photo below you can catch a glimpse of one of the strips towards the bottom of the photo.  The way the clouds were streaked throughout the blue sky up above, it looks like brighter blue brushstrokes peeking through smokey gray pieces of cloud.


There was the light.  Two blindingly bright strips of light where the fire-y sun was slipping down to kiss the earth before fading in to nothing.  This gorgeous radiant light made it hard to capture the turquoise blue strips running in between.

There is something about sunsets that make me feel closer to God.


blue sky sunset



gorgeous sunset with tree silhouette

In the photo above you can slightly see the clear turquoise sky that was underneath the light. 


gorgeous blue orange sunset



peirwinkle orange sunset



sunset with tree silhouette



It is one of the most beautiful sunsets I remember seeing so far in my life ( It even beats the sunset I wrote about last year in my Layer Cake Sky Poem )   I felt transported to a tropical island.  A mini soul vacation right in my own neighborhood.

It got me thinking…

How many sunsets have I missed?


So here is my tip on inspired living this week-

Savor more sunrises and sunsets.

Take a walk at sunrise or sunset so you can witness the majesty of life.

Our glimpse of heaven here on earth.

Slow down.  Meander.  Wander.

Stop what you are doing once in awhile to REALLY notice things.

Travelling by foot is the best way to slow down and notice things

we would otherwise miss if we zipped by in a car.

We never know how many sunrises or sunsets we are given in our lives.

Carpe Diem.

Seize the moment.

Will you?

Thank you for joining me on this journey called Life

as Together-

We Live Inspired.


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4 Responses to Gorgeous Sunset Photos Inspired by Tonight’s Caribbean Blue Sky

  1. fonda says:

    i love your blog writing pics and view point !!! I also love love love sunsets and taking time to just take in beautiful life & living in the present. It’s a gift and why it’s called the present . 🙂

    • Rebekah (We Live Inspired) says:

      Thanks Fonda! And thank you for taking time to stop by my blog. It was so great connecting with you in SPOP. I love that we have a similar way of experiencing the beauty of life. xoxo

  2. Dara Tuell says:

    I love these beautiful photos. Sunset has always been my special, magical time, and here you’re evoking it for me in the middle of the day. Thank you for posting this.