The Layer Cake Sky -Poetry in Five

Happy Friday my Friends!  Bringing you some free verse poetry/prose today as I link up for another Five Minute Friday with Lisa Jo and the gang.  Today’s 5 minute writing challenge word is RED.  I wrote mine on a sunset I saw a couple of weeks ago, that I wanted to capture on photo, but couldn’t.  It was one of those magical skies that made you feel like you almost were not on the street you live, but on some island in the Caribbean for vacation.


Yes my friends, sometimes the mundane can be marvelous!  That is something you will often find me doing here at We Live Inspired– really SEEING what is in front of me and sharing my perspectives on it all.  I hope that you will see those simple everyday moments through a beautifully, poetic lens as well.  Life can be quite magical you know, when you look for the magic!  So on to the 5 min. poem then!





The Layer Cake Sky

It was one of those rare sunsets that are so beautiful that you just stand in awe and stare with wonder (in our own smallness) at the beauty and grandness of God’s creation.

I was outside tending to some things in the garden when I saw it-

This glorious expanse of colors,

Shifting in the cool , night sky above.

Moments like this are better shared.

Running inside with the exuberance of a child,

I took my fiance by the arm and said,

“Get your shoes on.  You must come see!”

We stood there watching , as if the world belonged only to us.

I could have scooped that sky up with the tip of my spoon,

and savored it bit by bit, like the layer cake it was.

The bottom third, clear and glowing yellow,

Where the sun was slowly sinking down in to the horizon.

The top portion a billowy mixture of cloud.

Tinted Red,

with pinks like cotton candy dancing back & forth

Teasing us with their playful confectionery fluff-

Just like they did in the crisp air at the county fair when we were children.

“Where’s the camera, Matt?!” , I said.

I want to paint the sky.”

Alas, there was no camera.

“Put it in your memory “, he says.

“Then later, if you choose to paint it, we can test how good that memory of yours is…” , he said with a smirk.

Resigned to the fact that I would have to paint this sky someday from memory,

We stood there arm in arm and watched,

While the colors swirled and shifted across the layer cake sky-

Children laughing and playing in the streets, beneath it’s pink and red glow.

As a good friend of mine said,

“Moments like this are better lived,

and (usually),

The magic of the moment can’t quite be captured on camera anyway.”



©Rebekah Ann Stephenson


What magical moments have you experienced lately?  

Keep Living Inspired,


 The Layer Cake Sky Poem by

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