Cozy Cottage Weekends-Wild Mama Rabbit With Her Baby Bunny

Welcome to my inspired cozy cottage!  I am doing something new so that the wide variety of topics I share here at We Live Inspired is more organized so you (sort of) know what to expect. Previously, I have occasionally shared recipes, DIY or home related things at random. There are so many things that inspire me, but inspiration in the form of cooking, decorating, crafting and such is quite different than writing inspirational articles and poetry to motivate or encourage.  My content won’t be changing, it is just that from now on all of these homey types of things will be moved to the weekends for something I like to call “Cozy Cottage Weekends”.   I may not post an article every weekend, but when I do write on Saturday or Sunday, it will be more of a sneak peak in to my relaxed cottage way of living with my new home!



A couple of weeks ago I went outside at dusk to water the flowers and saw my rabbit friend.  What I didn’t know was that she had her baby with her!  (These are wild rabbits that hang out in our yard by the way). I saw something moving in the grass behind big rabbit, and thought maybe it was a wee bird.  Nope!  It was a little bundle of cuteness in the form of a baby bunny.


Baby bunny let me get really close to her so that I could take this picture for you :D.  


Wild Baby Bunny Rabbit


Isn’t baby bunny so cute!!??  I was close enough to touch (and boy was it hard not to because of the cuteness!) but I thought it better to let nature be.


I only had my cell phone with me, so the photos and videos you will see today are not high quality.  They are still cute though!


I also was able to catch the wee one and Mama Rabbit on video.  You can watch below, or if you subscribe by email, please click the email title to be taken to the web page (if you want to watch), or click on the video links below:


Video #1-Me first discovering there was a baby bunny behind the big one (You can totally hear my childlike glee..I guess I was quite excited at my discovery!):



Video #2:  Mama Rabbit running/hopping across the yard:



Have you seen any bunnies this year? Please drop on by the website and leave me a comment with your bunny rabbit stories if you would like to share!  I love a good animal tale 🙂


Thanks for taking a moment to relax with me in my backyard!  Have a wonderfully relaxing Sunday,


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One Response to Cozy Cottage Weekends-Wild Mama Rabbit With Her Baby Bunny

  1. Lizzy says:

    How precious!! sadly no bunnies here.