Are You Willing to Let Your Light Shine?

It’s time for Five Minute Friday!  Today’s essay idea was inspired by a dear friend in my SARK writing class via a quote she texted me (which I made in to the word image below).  I’m bringing you a collaboration for the first time, where we each wrote for 5 minutes to bring you this inspired post!  In our writing class we are called “Merry Life Bringer” (that’s me) and “Ray of Joy” (today’s other contributor Janice Sweetwater)  Sometime I will do a post explaining these unique writing names we have!  Ray of Joy’s 5 minute contribution will be in Purple and mine will be all other non purple words :).  Pssst-Be on the lookout for a special audio poetry reading from her below!    “Are you willing to be … Continue Reading

Poetry in Five-On Seemingly Dormant Periods of Life and Emerging!

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  ~Anais Nin     It’s time for some poetry in Five!  I am posting this a little late because I was celebrating my birthday this weekend :D.  This weeks word was CHOOSE.   Today’s Inspiration comes from periods of dormancy in one’s life…   Are you in a spot in your life today where you are feeling like you don’t know what your purpose in life is?  Have you ever felt lost, confused, hopeless, alone or just plain old stuck in mediocrity?  Maybe you are even in a mess that you can’t see your way out of at present.   If you can relate to this, I … Continue Reading

When You’re Feeling Unsure- Inspiration on Conquering the Unknown

Today’s topic of inspiration ended up being about the unknown, which you will find ironic when you start reading today’s post as I had NO CLUE what to even write about today. Today you will find out that the unknown can in fact be inspiring and awesome and that it’s ok if you are feeling unsure of yourself.  So on to today’s post know you wanna read more!  😉     It’s been awhile since I have written here, which is ironic since today’s Five Minute Friday word is WRITE.  Linking up at Lisa Jo Baker’s website as usual for the 5 minute exercise that frees us to not over think things, but to just get the words out on paper for 5 minutes.  I have no clue what … Continue Reading

The Wings of Belief-A Whimsical Poem & a Childhood Story

It’s time for my poetry in five with the Five Minute Friday community!  I am a day behind, as I have company here at the cottage and am super busy.  This week’s magic word is “FLY”.  I have a little childhood story on “flying” to share with you, followed by the whimsical poem I wrote!  Won’t you lighten your spirit and indulge in a little childlike glee with me today?  (there is a message in this poem for our adult selves too 😉 )         When I was a child I used to almost believe I could fly.  Did you ever feel that way when you were small?  Children are so amazing in their ability to BELIEVE in possibility.  That is what made childhood so fun!  It was like … Continue Reading

The Halloween Fairy Poem

I’ve written a fun little Halloween inspired piece for you today!  This is another addition to the children’s fairy poetry book I have decided to create.  If you ever have random weird stuff happen to you, or you feel like you must be on the show “Candid Camera” or something, it may just be that the Halloween Fairy is pranking you!  She mostly likes to prank around Halloween time, but she has been known to create mischief for people on other days as well (especially if she has had too much sugar :D)!   You may even relate to the little Halloween fairy a bit.  ;).  Believe it or not I do! I am really good most of the time, but I have been known to have a little glint … Continue Reading

When Fairies Gather Together-Whimsical Fairy Poetry in Five

It’s Friday and you know what that means!  Inspiration in the form of Poetry in Five.  I have quite the treat for you today-sure to make you smile!  If you need a touch of whimsy and magic in your world today to lighten your mood, this one is for you.  I am thinking of working on a children’s style picture poetry book with fairy and fantasy poems in which today’s rhyme would be included.  We shall see!  Linking up with the wonderful people at Lisa Jo Baker’s 5 minute Fridays where we all write on the same word for 5 minutes each week without backtracking.  This week’s word is TOGETHER.     When Fairies Gather Together:   When fairies dance together It’s such a lovely sight, Collectively they twinkle As … Continue Reading

I Talked To the Man in the Moon- A Whimsical Bedtime Story

The Man in The Moon-a story by Rebekah

It’s Friday!  That means today is inspiration in the form of poetry (my personal challenge and goal) as I link up with my writing friends for Five Minute Friday.  Today’s word was SHE.  I was inspired by the full moon tonight, and am excited about what came out during today’s writing exercise! When I was in grade school I used to write funny little children’s books/stories.  I haven’t written a children’s book as an adult, but I am thinking I want to turn today’s writing in to a whimsical storybook of some type with some really cool pictures/artwork in it.  What do you think?   Will you join me for a bedtime story?   The Man in the Moon  She tiptoes outside at Twilight To talk to the man in … Continue Reading

The Layer Cake Sky -Poetry in Five

The Layer Cake Sky Poem by

Happy Friday my Friends!  Bringing you some free verse poetry/prose today as I link up for another Five Minute Friday with Lisa Jo and the gang.  Today’s 5 minute writing challenge word is RED.  I wrote mine on a sunset I saw a couple of weeks ago, that I wanted to capture on photo, but couldn’t.  It was one of those magical skies that made you feel like you almost were not on the street you live, but on some island in the Caribbean for vacation.   Yes my friends, sometimes the mundane can be marvelous!  That is something you will often find me doing here at We Live Inspired– really SEEING what is in front of me and sharing my perspectives on it all.  I hope that you will … Continue Reading

Just As We Are- Inspirational Poetry in Five

It’s Friday, so you know what that means!  Today is a real treat, because we writers are linking up at a wonderful women’s network that is part of DaySpring , called inCourage! Long before I ever started We Live Inspired!, I was part of this network in some way, shape or form.  In fact, I remember when the site was first created ( I think I read the very first post).  It’s a wonderful place of encouragement for women, so you may want to check it out by clicking the links in this paragraph.   Today’s 5 min. writing word is WORSHIP.   I hope you will enjoy today’s poem!   Go   Just as We Are It needn’t be a Sunday, pre-planned at certain times Or in a crowd … Continue Reading

Five Minute Fridays- On Savoring the Present Moment and Learning to Let Go

Arms Wide Open

  It’s Friday and you know what that means!  It’s time for me to craft something inspirational for you in 5 minutes based on whatever random word Lisa Jo gives us.  The point is to write straight through without over thinking, which can make for some pretty interesting stuff (and also grammatical errors)!  Today’s word is LAST.     Go   From the time that I was small, I have always tried to savor special moments- As if going it slow would somehow freeze time and I could live in my current state of bliss forever. From unwrapping Christmas gifts as a child very slowly- Tearing off the paper bit by bit in little strips, To eating my pie one layer at a time-  taking off the top crust and … Continue Reading

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