Are You Willing to Let Your Light Shine?

mSlUy1cIt’s time for Five Minute Friday!  Today’s essay idea was inspired by a dear friend in my SARK writing class via a quote she texted me (which I made in to the word image below).  I’m bringing you a collaboration for the first time, where we each wrote for 5 minutes to bring you this inspired post!  In our writing class we are called “Merry Life Bringer” (that’s me) and “Ray of Joy” (today’s other contributor Janice Sweetwater)  Sometime I will do a post explaining these unique writing names we have!  Ray of Joy’s 5 minute contribution will be in Purple and mine will be all other non purple words :).  Pssst-Be on the lookout for a special audio poetry reading from her below! 


“Are you willing to be powerful beyond measure?”

Are you willing to dance out of your darkness?  Are you willing to let your light shine?  


Powerful Beyond Measure Quote


I call it having a Moses complex.  Moses asked God the very same question, “Who am I?” out of self doubt when God chose him to be His spokesperson and lead the people out of Egypt.  Admittedly I have done this at times too.  There are days when I am full of confidence and this deep knowing of what my calling in life is (and God will even bring people my way to affirm this).  Those days it seems natural and easy.  However, I also have days where I take a look at my dreams-these big dreams that the Holy Spirit has placed on my heart.  These dreams of what I envision We Live Inspired to be, and think, “Who am I to be speaking these words?  Who will read these writings?  Who do I think I am, Oprah or something?”  Those days I feel overwhelmed and unsure of what will come of these dreams and aspirations.



You see, for years I lived my life small.  Hiding in every sense of the word.  Hiding my light and almost hoping to be unseen during the time when I was lost in life and had no clue where I was going or how I would get there.  A victim of circumstance who was stuck in a transition phase somewhere (or nowhere) between high school and adulthood.  But little by little I let my light come back.  I let it shine out in the world again.  At first it was just a mere flicker…a brief showing like the fleeting flame of a lighter that retreats again after its served its brief purpose.  Over time the more I practiced getting that little light out, it started to grow.  The fleeting flame burned longer like a candle.  The candle then became a small flashlight.  That battery powered flashlight turned in to a longer lasting regular plug in lamp!  And so on…

Baby steps of putting myself out there in all kinds of ways…getting braver and braver with each new thing I tried and each new person I reached out to with love.  This process started out VERY small and happened over the course of many years for those of you who think it sounds too bold for you to try :D.  The tiniest of steps will become something miraculous if you make it habit, so never underestimate the power of SMALL!



I am still letting my light grow.  Letting it spread.  That is what I am here for.  That is what I wish We Live Inspired to be- a light in the world.   To help others step out of their dark places and fears too and discover the beauty they possess within.  To help people fall in love with themselves all over again and discover NEW things that might bring them joy. To inspire them to try these new things because they are more talented & capable than they may know.

To help them see that God intended them to shine right where they are at in life and that perfection is not needed to be Great! 

Are you willing to shine my friends? 


Let’s wrap today’s topic with a poem and poetry reading from Sweetwater “Ray of Joy”!  I personally find the short audio reading even more inspiring (there is something powerful to me about hearing words read by the author themselves).



Text version of her 5 min. poem:


Be Willing to Let Your Light Shine!

Are You Willing to Dance Your Dreams Alive?

Are You Willing to Be

Powerful Beyond Belief ?

Too many of Us shrink from The Light

Hide in The Shadows not Willing to Shine.

Take Your Left Hand and Place it over Your Heart

and Speak These Words…

“I Love You Beyond Time and Space
I Love You Beyond Measure”

Together We Dance with The Divine.

Now Breathe


Community Question- Where are you at in this process of light?  In what ways are you letting your light shine?  We would love to hear from you in the comments!


♥Rebekah “Merry Life Bringer” & Sweetwater “Ray of Joy”♥

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