Lonely? Reach Out and Bless Someone-Poetry in Five

It’s Friday again and you know what that means!  Inspiration in the form of poetry written in 5 minutes.  Linking up with my writing friends at Lisa Jo’s Five Minute Friday and today’s word she gave was LONELY.  Who knows that feeling?  Before you color yourself blue today, I hope you will take time to read today’s inspiration.  Sending you a virtual hug!  And now for the poem:   Go   Reach Out and Bless Someone!:   Next time you’re feeling lonely, Next time you’re feeling blue, Remember to reach out my friends- Someone else is lonely too. In this great wide world out there, There are many who share you plight. So don’t give up and don’t give in- Reach out with all your might! You are part of … Continue Reading

He Came For Us- A Poem About the Greatest Love of All Time

Reflections of Peace by Michael Lint

It’s Friday and you know what that means…Inspiration in the form of poetry as I link up with my writing Friends at Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday.  Today’s word was STORY.  The word story is not actually in my poem today, but it was inspired by the traditional hymnal “I Love to Tell the Story”.  It is a poem (and story) that I wrote about the greatest Love that ever was.  A Love so great that it transcends time.  A Love that is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  He came for us.  Plain and Simple.  Here is the poem:     He Came For Us (The Greatest Love of All Time): A Love so great no boundaries knew, Which lived to die though faultless be. He came for … Continue Reading

Morning Has Broken-Inspirational Poetry in Five

Morning Has Broken Cat Stevens

It’s Friday again and you know what that means!  Inspiration in the form of Poetry in Five.  I love linking up with the ladies at Lisa-Jo’s site because they are the most wonderful ladies!  Feel free to check us out sometime and join in for your own Five Minute Friday.  Today’s word is BROKEN and actually I think we did this word before as I wrote a story about “Broken Vessels” (click left to read that one) and one of those God things I experienced several years ago when I donated a prayer shawl to a stranger on the other side of the USA.  So I guess today I will take this word in a different direction.   Go   Morning Has Broken   Morning has broken and Dawn turns to … Continue Reading

Where I Belong – Poetry in Five and Some News for You!

Ivy Growing up Garden gate

The past two weeks I have been delinquent with my Friday poetry, so I have an especially lovely treat to make up for that today!  This treat comes along with news I have been meaning to share, but was waiting until everything was final before spilling the beans.  Today’s word Lisa Jo asked us to write on was the word BELONG.  I chose to write a rhyming poem about my garden!  So the big news is that after years of struggles, and then 2 years after being second in line for homes and a few disappointments, Matt and I have bought our first home!!   God has given me more than I could have ever imagined, and I have been so busy with it all.  SO much excitement and so … Continue Reading

In Between Miracles-Poetry in Five

Inspiring Rainbows

Sorry I missed last week’s Five Minute Friday, but I am back today to see what inspiration I can bring you in just five minutes with the word prompt this week of IN BETWEEN.  When I heard the word(s) today I immediately started singing a fav. Dave Matthews Band song called The Space Between.  I have no idea how listening to that song inspired me to think of the phrase “In Between Miracles” but that is where I am going writing wise today and I don’t know if it will rhyme or not.  We shall see!  I am going to offer you a fresh perspective that is popping in my head though.  A different way of viewing life.   Go   In Between Miracles:   What if we lived as … Continue Reading

Listen is a Verb-Poetry in Five

shared joy doubled shared sorrow half sorrow

It’s Five Min. Friday, and you know what that means!  I will be linking up with my writing friends at Lisa Jo’s and bringing you my own twist of the exercise which I call “Poetry in Five” (you can click on that to read past poems).  I ended up doing Free Verse today instead of rhyme.  The word I had to write on today was LISTEN. Go Listen is a Verb:   It is when I Stop to listen that I truly HEAR. What’s not being said outright, but what is being spoken without words. (Those gentle nuances that say so much more than words do alone) Do you take time to really Listen to your fellow man? To listen to the cries of their heart- To not just be … Continue Reading

Lessons of Fall-Poetry in Five

Golden Leaves

It’s Friday, (and although I am a little late)-I am bringing you Poetry in Five with today’s special word being FALL.  I chose to go the direction of the seasons, with double meanings (as I often like to do when writing poetry) in both talking about the literal season of Fall , and season’s of life as well.    I hope you enjoy today’s delight!  Let me know what you think… Here goes:     Lessons of Fall:   Leaves of Gold- (their former green), The richest color briefly seen. A canopy of purest light, Falls glittering down- into the night. As winds of change draw ever near, The trees- They seem to have no fear. They know it’s time- They must transform. And with that, Something new is born. … Continue Reading

Poetry in Five- Change Your View and Change Your Life

It’s Friday and you know what that means!  I am linking up with Lisa Jo Baker’s site to bring you my version of the Five Min. Friday writing exercise in which I write poetry in Five.  This week’s word is VIEW.  Setting my timer!   GO    Change Your View & Change Your Life:   Perspective is such an important thing- How we view the world around us, How we view others, How we view ourselves. I choose to live life with an inspired view (hence the theme/name of my website :)). One thing I have discovered about Life is that those who are happiest, don’t necessarily have it all (i.e. the perfect life). It’s an illusion and a false perspective to think that to be happy we must have … Continue Reading

Poetry in Five- Keep a Song Within Your Heart

I’m Back today with poetry in Five and linking up with my fellow writers at Lisa-Jo’s.   This week’s word of inspiration is SONG.   Before I set the timer for 5 min. to write my poem, I wanted to share with you a little tid bit about myself.     Songs and singing have been a part of who I am since I was very very little.  I can remember always having a little tune in my head as a child and singing in the car and singing at the playground at preschool.  In fact , I would get so lost in my little tunes that I didn’t care who heard back then haha.  When I was in preschool, I had these read a long books that came with … Continue Reading

A Different Definition of Brave – Poetry in Five

Linking up with my writing friends over at Lisa Jo’s for another FMF.  Today’s word is BRAVE and I am happy to report that I was able to write a poem for you this week in Five minutes (since the last few weeks I have gotten off of my usual writing style).  Today’s poem started out one way and pulled me in a different direction by the end.  It is so interesting to see what happens when you write straight through without stopping to think or back track!  If you have never tried freely writing in a time frame without over analyzing what’s coming out, it might be a fun experiment for you too.   On to today’s inspiration then!   Go   A Different Definition of Brave   I think … Continue Reading

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