Lessons of Fall-Poetry in Five

Golden Leaves

It’s Friday, (and although I am a little late)-I am bringing you Poetry in Five with today’s special word being FALL.  I chose to go the direction of the seasons, with double meanings (as I often like to do when writing poetry) in both talking about the literal season of Fall , and season’s of life as well.    I hope you enjoy today’s delight!  Let me know what you think… Here goes:     Lessons of Fall:   Leaves of Gold- (their former green), The richest color briefly seen. A canopy of purest light, Falls glittering down- into the night. As winds of change draw ever near, The trees- They seem to have no fear. They know it’s time- They must transform. And with that, Something new is born. … Continue Reading

Tea Party Appetizers-Cranberry Feta Pinwheels

Cranberry and Cheese Pinwheels

  I promised I would share all kinds of photos, DIY, and recipes from our 2nd annual Mother’s Day tea last week.  I am starting Monday out with to DIE for tea party appetizers that are SO easy to make and yet look and taste impressive.  It only takes 5 ingredients too!  Before I get to that though, I wanted to share a few other photos of some of the food we had that I won’t be posting recipes for.  I invite you to sit back with a good “cuppa” this week and join in on some elegant tea party fun!      Aside from having both iced tea and hot tea for our party, we had a variety of little tea foods & desserts.  Such as :     … Continue Reading

Soft and Chewy Chocolate Drop Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Drop Cookie Recipe

Who wants chocolate?!  Remember my hilarious cookie gone wrong story a few months ago?  It was called “A Crumby Story” and it’s a humor post on my first attempt at making these cookies.  Check it out for a laugh at my expense if you haven’t seen it yet :D.  I am happy to say that this time I got the cookies right!  I discovered my issue was the use of butter and spelt flour..so um…DON’T use those unless you too want to wind up like a scene from I Love Lucy’s chocolate factory episode.     Back to the recipe! These are the perfect , quick and easy cookie to make when you are having one of those chocolate cravings and don’t want to go to a lot of fuss. … Continue Reading

Homemade Streusel Topped Coffee Cake Recipe

Easy homemade coffee cake recipes

Can you say comfort food?  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the smell of anything cinnamon baking in the oven.  It’s such a warm, homey smell.  Your home will be filled with that very aroma with today’s recipe.  This is a traditional coffee cake recipe that Mom always made when I was growing up.  I just made some over the weekend and thought I would share.  It is all made from scratch, but it is quick and very simple to make!       ***Tip #1:  I used all organic ingredients, and because shortening is a trans fat that is bad for you, I personally used a different kind of shortening called “Spectrum Organic All Vegetable Shortening”.  It doesn’t affect the taste of the cake.   Homemade Streusel … Continue Reading

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