Permission and Why it is My Word for 2015

permission slip no.1 permission to be imperfect

There is this word thing I became aware of a few years ago where people pick their word for the new year instead of making the typical resolutions.  This one word is like your theme. Your catalyst to change or transform something. Maybe it is about defining the person you want to be so you can reach a certain goal. Last year my word was continue.  This year it is PERMISSION. I have been meaning to write this post for awhile, but it is never too late (giving myself permission to do things in my own time haha).  If you are curious about setting the tone for your year with one word and want to know more, you can checkout THIS website.  The year is half over, so this is … Continue Reading

The Open Heart Attracts Miracles – Five Minute Friday

Open Heart Affirmation by Rebekah

I’m linking up with the Five Minute Friday Community today to write on the word of the week as usual.   Because I am working on my poetry books, I won’t be writing today’s post in poetry form (but I did read a poem by Walt Whitman in today’s Poetic Friday Podcast).   Today I’m free flow writing unfiltered and straight from the heart.  The word is OPEN.  When I hear that word, the next word I think of is heart.  I think of both the difficulties we face when having open hearts, and the miracles.  The miracles always trump the difficulties.  I thought I’d write on how the open heart attracts miracles today!         Years ago I probably would have said that the open heart attracts drama … Continue Reading

Teamwork and Why it is Essential For Happy Relationships

Helen Keller Quotes

” Alone we can do so little ; Together we can do so much. ” -Helen Keller     Today I am inspired to talk about the importance of teamwork.  Ironically what inspired me was the article I posted yesterday about where Matt and I got this great patio furniture that we have been enjoying all Summer.  We are enjoying this patio set because of team work.   The patio furniture came in parts.  There were 6 chairs, and each chair had to have the arms bolted on with washers, bolts, and rubber caps.  The table had to have the entire bottom portion put together as well.   Not that it was so hard to do, but being that it is a large and fairly heavy set, it took quite … Continue Reading

Rest & Be Thankful-Inspirational Labor Day Word Art

Rest & Be Thankful Quote for Labor Day- &

I am keeping today’s post simple, in honor or Labor Day :).  I hope you have been enjoying a wonderful, long weekend!  Matt and I are hosting our first little family barbecue today.  It is a belated cookout for Matt’s birthday/Labor Day get together.  My parents got him Omaha Steak Co. steak burgers for his birthday, so we will be cooking those on the grill.  We are particularly excited to try out the new seasoning rubs I got him for his birthday.  You know me-not one much for plain stuff- variety is the spice of life and keeps me living inspired!   So these won’t be just plain burgers, they will be burgers seasoned with a Mesquite grilling seasoning rub.  Last week (on Matt’s actual birthday) we tried Montreal seasoned … Continue Reading

Lonely? Reach Out and Bless Someone-Poetry in Five

It’s Friday again and you know what that means!  Inspiration in the form of poetry written in 5 minutes.  Linking up with my writing friends at Lisa Jo’s Five Minute Friday and today’s word she gave was LONELY.  Who knows that feeling?  Before you color yourself blue today, I hope you will take time to read today’s inspiration.  Sending you a virtual hug!  And now for the poem:   Go   Reach Out and Bless Someone!:   Next time you’re feeling lonely, Next time you’re feeling blue, Remember to reach out my friends- Someone else is lonely too. In this great wide world out there, There are many who share you plight. So don’t give up and don’t give in- Reach out with all your might! You are part of … Continue Reading