Permission and Why it is My Word for 2015

There is this word thing I became aware of a few years ago where people pick their word for the new year instead of making the typical resolutions.  This one word is like your theme. Your catalyst to change or transform something. Maybe it is about defining the person you want to be so you can reach a certain goal. Last year my word was continue.  This year it is PERMISSION. I have been meaning to write this post for awhile, but it is never too late (giving myself permission to do things in my own time haha).  If you are curious about setting the tone for your year with one word and want to know more, you can checkout THIS website.  The year is half over, so this is a good checkpoint to think about how you want to finish 2015.



So why Permission and what does it mean to me?

Permission for me isn’t about an excuse to do whatever the heck I want and go hog wild 😉 . It isn’t about eating mounds of junk food whenever I feel like it, having no filter for my words and just going off on people, or streaking through town in my birthday suit.  It isn’t about unhealthy choices and no responsibility.  It is the very opposite of that; giving yourself permission to do what is best for you.  Making healthy choices physically, mentally, & spiritually.


It’s about lightning up a bit, loosening the reins a little, and being gentle with myself. If you have ever had a perfectionist inner critic (or dealt with outer critics in your life that make you feel pressured to be perfect-ish) you’ll relate to this. If you tend to be a little uptight or stressed out sometimes because you have a tendency to worry or try to take on the world (aka super ambitious over- achiever), this word will make you breathe a sigh of relief. If you ever find yourself worrying about what people think, you may need a little “permission” in your life. Burnt out parents, spouses, etc. rejoice! 😀


For me Permission is about self care. If we aren’t taking care of ourselves, how can we effectively take care of other things in our lives? Permission is also about it’s partner word “allow”.  Allowing more of what we need in our lives, and releasing more of what we don’t. Finding our voices.  Following our truth. Not worrying too much about what other people think.  Giving ourselves a break.  Doesn’t this sound so good?  It can be challenging at times, but then that is the whole point of picking a word for the year.  You have a whole year to work on it!


 Here are some of the ways I have given myself “permission” this year:

  • Dropping everything and going to bed when I am tired instead of pushing myself to write that blog post first, do the dishes, clean the house, etc. My body thanked me ( man, I need to do this more!)
  • Giving myself permission to not answer emails or phone calls if I needed a technology break and permission to not worry about upsetting someone if I was temporarily unavailable.  My batteries need recharging sometimes! (this is a tough one for me as a person who tends to put others first)
  • Permission to let go of certain wedding things I wanted to do but didn’t really have time for. I took the pressure off myself to have a perfectly clean home for example, or to have the master bedroom 100% redone in time.  Another wise decision that saved me from being over stressed.
  • Permission to say no to something or someone if it isn’t something that feels good for me (do my fellow people-pleasers and do-gooders relate?)


Those are just a few ways this word has helped me this year.  As far as how I chose the word?  It just sort of came to me.  Probably one day when I was stressed out doing too much and trying to be everything or do everything.  This word is like a breath of fresh air for my personality type.


The rest of this year, I will be creating inspiring little permission slips for you to keep or share.  They are free for you to save and download if you wish.  I hope they make you breathe a sigh of relief too!  Here is the first one:


permission slip no.1 permission to be imperfect

Do you have a word for 2015? If so, I’d love to hear about it! 

What things would you like to give yourself permission to do this year?

Here is this weeks free podcast:

Sincerely imperfect me,


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One Response to Permission and Why it is My Word for 2015

  1. Dara Tuell says:

    Oh yes! Permission is so very important. I once went to a workshop on visual journaling where the teacher (a friend of mine) handed out Permission slips — blank ones — to remind us to allow ourselves to express ALL of our feelings, and to be silly, or imperfect, or wildly creative, or even trite or boring if that’s what was needed. I keep mine on my fridge to remind me of that practice.