Rest & Be Thankful-Inspirational Labor Day Word Art

Rest & Be Thankful Quote for Labor Day- &

I am keeping today’s post simple, in honor or Labor Day :).  I hope you have been enjoying a wonderful, long weekend!  Matt and I are hosting our first little family barbecue today.  It is a belated cookout for Matt’s birthday/Labor Day get together.  My parents got him Omaha Steak Co. steak burgers for his birthday, so we will be cooking those on the grill.  We are particularly excited to try out the new seasoning rubs I got him for his birthday.  You know me-not one much for plain stuff- variety is the spice of life and keeps me living inspired!   So these won’t be just plain burgers, they will be burgers seasoned with a Mesquite grilling seasoning rub.  Last week (on Matt’s actual birthday) we tried Montreal seasoned … Continue Reading

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